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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's Crazy Doodle Pumpkin Time!!!

I feel like I've just given a crazy doodle Pumpkin.  And oh what a proud mother I am.  You all know that when I design I usually have to show it off right away, I can never wait to get the samples done up before showing you.  This time I was bound and determined to get these all done before I presented them. 
I have been doodling for some time and wanted to incorporate that into my textile designing.  I get ideas at the strangest times, in the shower, making dinner, etc.  I have to stop what I'm doing and go write it down or it will be gone forever.  The freestanding pumpkin came to mind first then I thought, "I have to make this the three other ways"!!  So, with Mom's help on the hooked rug, we got to work on doodles....

All four mediums, the free standing pumpkin, the traditional wool applique table mat, the hooked rug and the punch needle piece.  All the same design but with a nice varied look.

I have seen a couple of smaller crazy quilt pumpkins but they looked very complicated and I knew I wanted the whimsicality of the twisted "sprigs" and formed leaves as well as the orange tones instead of lots of colors.  I stitched this guy in 2 nights in front of the TV and assembled it quickly.  I then did the seam stitches after it was filled.  It was quite easy to make and is bigger than it looks, 14 inches tall and 14 inches wide at the bottom.
 If you "need" to make this we have it available as just the pattern or the whole kit (pattern, wool and embroidery floss) at  
To make it easier, here is the link:

As soon as I had the concept down Mom had to have it on monks cloth.  She did a great job capturing the colors.  I wanted it to all be orange to stay within the muted primitive look that I love. In the center section, though it's hard to see in the hooking, is the word AUTUMN.

I am not an orange person, but Fall is my favorite time of year for designing.  I just love the rich look of Primitive Orange and Antique Black.  This rug is 16 x 20.
If you "need" this pattern or kit (pattern and all wool), here is the link:

I was excited to punch the design as well.  I wasn't sure if the doodles were going to pop out but with five distinct oranges they sure did.  Against my own hand dyed Antique Black floss it is so pretty!  This pattern is large at 8 1/2 x 9 inches.  It took 32 skeins of floss, 22 of those being our own hand dyed floss.  I have added the pattern and kit (pattern and all floss) to the website.  Here is the link:

...and finally, the traditional Wool Applique version.  Stitching on wool is the most relaxing thing.  I stitched all the doodles last night in front of the TV and finished it in a couple hours this morning.  I back my wool applique pieces with another coordinating piece of wool (orange) and pinked both edges, then ran a stitch around the edge.  I wanted this stitch to add to the whimsical design so I ran X's all along the edge. (click on the picture to see it close up).  This finished applique is 14 x 20.   As you guessed I have also added this pattern or kit (pattern and all wool and floss) to the website.  Here's the link:

I can't decide which one I like best.  Wow, they really are like a baby!  We never choose favorites, do we?  I love them all equally!!  Which one do you like best?

So, now on to my next idea, which I think you will all really enjoy.  Mom has already started the hooked version.  Oh, I can't wait to show you....
Hope you like our Doodle Pumpkin.
Until next time.....


moosecraft said...

Mmmmm.... LOVE these! I think I "need" the hooked rug version.... will be ordering as soon as I get some funds together! :-)

Me and My Stitches said...

You just keep coming up with awesome designs! I love every one of your new babies and can't pick a favorite either. LOVE!!!

Linda said...

Love Crazy Doodle Pumpkin! You're a genius!

Myra said...

Ya did it again ... I see a punch needle pumpkin in my future!

Friendship Crossing said...

LOVE your newest designs!! they are all so darling, it's hard to pick a favorite!


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