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Friday, June 27, 2014

A war, some chaos and serenity....

Again, here we are a week later and I haven't written.  I feel bad because the last blog I wrote I told you how I was soooo tired.  A few of you have written with concern so I knew I had to write TODAY!! 
 I'm happy to say that I feel great!!  There is still a bit of soreness here and there and when I do feel tired I lay down.  It's a simple as that.  Many of you have told me to listen to my body and I am listening.  The couch is my friend.  It's funny though because so many of you have written to me and said, "listen to the Doctor, I didn't and I paid".  Why do we do that to ourselves?  Why as women do we have to push the envelope?  I did it last week when I completely forgot about the "nothing over 10 pound rule" and picked up Baxter.  I can promise you that he is not under 10 lbs. (sorry Baxter).  Well, sure enough, I felt it that night.  I didn't pick him up intentionally, I just forgot.  But, lesson learned!!

Anyway, as I mentioned last week, there was a re-enactment of the War of 1812 in Cape Vincent that I had wanted to go to so Mom, Hubby and I took a nice leisurely ride, sat on the lawn in the green and enjoyed the day...

Of course it seems that we can never leave the house without a little jaunt into an Antique store.  We didn't come out empty handed of course.  

Have you seen those Monster movies where the monster reaches out a craggly hand and grabs something?  That's how Mom is when I give her new designs.  "Mine, these are mine!!"  These are the first four of the six adaptations I have done from my Sister's Folk Art.  Yes, Mom is a fast hooker!!  She's averaging 1 every night or night and a half.  

Mr. Big

Jack O' and a Crow #1

Key Nose JOL

An Owl and a Pumpkin

...and because I've been taking it easy, really I have, I've gotten a couple punch needles done.

Key Nose JOL
Carol's Pennies

So yesterday started out wonderfully!  I just LOVE our porch and since it was going to be in the low 80's Mom and I set it up for Hooking Thursday.  At about 11:30 Mom hollers "we have no water"!  Well, we have a whole house reverse osmosis system because we have very salty water and it has been giving us problems lately.  So, I went down to the basement to restart it.  No deal!  So, with 10-12 ladies coming in about an hour I got on the phone to about 8 different well drillers. (I had been told it was a problem with the well pump)  No one answered!
Hookers came, Mom started teaching them to braid mug mats........

Ok, I will admit, that during this chaos, I was not "being good" and taking it easy.  As I was in my studio trying to pack up orders, the phone would ring as Hubby wanted a status update, back into the studio to pack orders, out to the porch to check on the hookers, but you know the funny thing.  Have you ever seen those movies or a cartoon where everything is in fast motion, then it all slows down to calm?  That is what it was like out on the porch with the happy place....

Above, Jill braids her wool ends.  Then Robin finished her Magdalena Rug.............gorgeous!!

Back into the studio, wait, the phone rings, it's a driller, he's on his way out, great!!  Back into the studio to pack, fast............out on the porch, calm.  What a 
nice group of ladies we have.  There's always talking and laughing, great creativity, stories shared....
and thoughtfulness.  Martha brought over some fresh strawberries, Robin brought over some Maple Syrup and Ann brought over this amazing sign.  Thank you so much ladies....

So, bottom line......the orders got out, a wonderful day was had by all the ladies, including Mom and I and I think that the three well drillers who had to walk smack dab through 10 boisterous hookers enjoyed it as well!!  
Try as they might, they could not pull the pump up (it was dead anyway), so here's what's happening today....a new well for the 
Thomas family.  

So, I told Mom that I was not getting out of my PJ's today, but then forgot that the drillers were coming back.  So, here I am and actually here's where the serenity comes in.  I have had an absolutely wonderful day of computer work.  I'm being honest.  I have gotten my newsletter out...which by the way features this flag below as the craft of the month....

Have snapped some pictures around the house...

 ..and gotten some items listed on the website

 Mom's enjoying the day too.....even if there is a loud drilling noise in the background......

I finally found a neat "mountable" for my Antique Coverlet.  Good things come to those who wait right?  Sorry, this is not for sale, the washboard is glass and I'd be afraid to ship.
So, with that, I thank you all for your concern.  I'm sorry to have worried you.  All is well!  I think it's time for a glass of wine and some more porch time!
Have a great weekend everyone and....
until next time....


  1. Glad you are feeling better! You certainly have so much happening every day... and your creative ideas keep shining through on completed projects... love them all! Happy Summertime!

  2. Love the pumpkins!! Glad you're feeling stronger each day, Julie. I never had a hysterectomy and I'm not in the medical field, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last week ..... so ooo can tell you that rest is the best solution for a speedy recovery! :-)


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