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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.........and some Wool Flowers!

 I have snapped so many pictures over the last couple of weeks and I can't remember what I have shown on the blog, facebook, etc, so if I repeat I apologize.  I'm really all over the place.  Because I've been "on the mend" my creativity hasn't been able to get out and it's really cramping my style.  The desire is there, if I just had the energy!  They say 4-6 weeks to recover and you think "yea, right", but it's the fatigue that gets you.  Then there is my 73 year old Mother who flits around, a ball of energy.  I wish I had half of it at this point.  
But, I have been taking the opportunity to do a little punching, like our "Carol's Pennies"..... 

and a LOT of list making of things to do, items to add to the website, patterns to design.  This great Owl and Pumpkin piece is by my sister (Folk For All Seasons).  She brought over a sampling of some of her primitive pieces and has given me permission to use them for designs for Halloween. 

During my "mending" time I have done a bit of organizing.  I guess I didn't realize how the punch needles are adding up.  I can't wait to get all these hung in the new shop....

Mom has finished our AUTUMN design.  It is uploaded to the website as just the pattern or the whole kit.  If interested, click on this link: AUTUMN pattern/kit

In the middle of everything going on we have had a bit of a sad spell.  Mom's dear Ollie has not been acting himself so she took him to the vet and found out that his liver was loaded with cancer.  He was still eating and getting around ok, so the vet told her there was time, and when things got worse and she was ready to bring him in for the inevitable.  Well, sadly, he went downhill overnight, literally.  Last Saturday we had to say goodbye to Ollie.  It was not easy, but important to remember that we did not want him to suffer.  It has been very hard for Mom as Ollie has been with her through the deaths of my Aunt, Grandmother (Mom's mom) and my Dad.  So in addition to being her constant companion for 11 years the loss of one animal has really "upset the force" in the house.  Ollie and Baxter were buddies and he really doesn't know what to do with himself.  He still manages to find time to pick on Max, but Max isn't big on playing like Ollie was so Baxter is adjusting.  I think he started coming around yesterday.  I also see an improvement in Mom.  Yesterday we visited the farmers market, went to lunch and hit a great local antique store.    It's amazing how our pets become our "routine".  I've even had to change the feeding time routine.  The first night Baxter looked at me like "something is different here".  Gosh it's hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet, but we also have to remember the years of joy they give to us and vice versa.  

So, no more sad.  When you have your "pity party" moments you come around the corner and find this!!  Baxter! What on earth are you looking for?....and in the wool?!

A couple weeks ago during our Hooking Thursdays I asked the ladies to bring back their Flower baskets.  I love seeing how each lady made it her own.....




Mom showing her Hook n'wool sunflower project...

Tamara and Jill brought over some quilts that were going to be displayed in the Clayton quilt show.  (I'm not sure Jill entered hers though)

 Robin working on her Magdalena rug...

 The "new things" table...

As I've written before, the porch is open for hooking, but we've only been out here once to hook.  What a weird summer we are having, not really summer.  A lot of rain and cool, not cold temperatures.  Just cool enough that you don't want to sit on the porch.  That said though, my family does have our 5:00 cocktail routine quite down.  It's weird when your kids can have a drink with you.  Not something I ever thought I'd do, but, we do have the best conversations on this porch and both of my boys are chatty, so it's a good thing to take the time to slow down and have quality family time, even if it does involve an alcoholic beverage.  :)

 I've had an amazing response to the wool basket with flowers video and have heard that quite a few of you have made one.  We decided to put little kits together for the Flowers only.  I filled this regular basket with wool flowers and just love the look....

Lots of flower kits have gone out the door to you!  If you've made some I'd love to see how you've displayed them.

 ...and if you haven't gotten any and would like some they are at our website, here's the link:
Each kit comes with the woolens to make 4 flowers, a red, gold, blue and off white one, the floral wire, center pennies, walnut crystals for grunging, a flag and skein of hand dyed floss.  All for only $16. 

There are two ways you could look at this next picture.
1.  Oh, how sad, he's behind bars.....or
2.  Oh, what a bundle of energy who is so vivacious and has to be separated from people because he jumps or feels like he has to be in their lap.  At nearly 40 pounds he's not a lap dog.
The answer is #2.  He does look bummed though doesn't he?  

Well, I still have more to write about, but come back tomorrow as this one is quite long.  That's what happens when you don't write for two weeks.  Have a great day everyone!
Until next time.....


  1. "Carol's Pennies" is wonderful but I didn't see it listed in the punch patterns. I'll check back and see. Give your mom a hug from me. A sad time for sure ..... been there.

    1. Morning Myra, It's actually the second pattern in the top row, but it's understandable as to why you didn't see it because I don't have the finished picture on yet. I hope to have it done by tomorrow. Here's the link (you may have to copy and paste):

  2. So sorry to hear about Ollie, sorry for you all, including the other pups. You and Carol both have healing to do, and I wish you both well. ...jan

  3. The porch is PERFECT!! I'll have a gin & tonic with 2 limes please!!!! is national martini day.....I like 'em dirty like my

  4. So glad your back Julie and even more glad your ordeal is over and you are on the mend. I am so sorry for losing Ollie. We love a little buddies.
    I missed your blog so write away.

  5. You have a lot of good and sad things going on right now. I guess the mix is a necessary part of life.

    I really enjoy your blog.


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