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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A killer yard sale, some planting, a quilt show and oh!

I am writing quickly as I am leaving in a 1/2 hour to head to the hospital to go in for my hysterectomy.  I know I am really not in the right frame of mind for this and that I could really be in for it if I don't just slow down and allow this to happen and heal correctly, but, as I'm sure most of you know as Moms, business women, care givers, etc, it's really hard to get off that treadmill of life.  

Here's what's been happening around here since I last wrote.  

Last week, Bev, one of our regulars emailed me that she came upon a great yard sale.  Apparently the lady was moving and had a craft business.  So, of course Mom and I hopped right in the truck and headed down Saturday morning.  Well, oh my gosh, serious yard sale buzz!!!!  Her and her friend were craftswomen who made signs and all kinds of great primitive wooden pieces.  And they also had quite a few great antique pieces.  Here's a few things I got:

Call me weird but I've always wanted a set of lockers in the shop.  A quick paint job and then can't you just see these filled with wool??

This next piece is amazing.  Mom knew what it was right away.  An 8 foot wallpaper table.  The legs fold up right in it as you see......

What a cool piece!!
 After that I decided it was time to get the shop painted.  So, I got that done......

Here's some random shots from around the house....

Baxter and Jeremy off for a ride...

I love this little meadow area.  Every year these flowers fill it!  I missed not being able to pick them while we were in Missouri so it was like seeing a good friend when they bloomed.

A couple of years ago while Mom and I were walking in the field we noticed these attractive little bushes.  There were small, knee high ones and then the larger ones, so we transplanted a few of them to our year to buffer road noise.  The second picture is the bush/tree now.  When we planted it about 4 years ago it was only knee high.  

 We decided we just don't have time for a garden this year, but did not want to give up fresh home grown tomatoes and herbs so put in a couple raised beds.  

Mom got the tomatoes in, still have to do the herbs....

This piece below is made from our beautiful "pastel squares" wool.  No sewing other than the decorative feather stitch and blanket stitch.  Look for the kits on the website as soon as I am back up and running..

So, last week as we started to buckle down for the Clayton quilt show I was called by the Doctors office to let me know that they could get me in for my hysterectomy this week.  NOT a good time, but really when you run a small business what is?  I decided better for me to miss the quilt show so I can then be on the mend and focus on the opening of our shop.  So, after that phone call it was dead on cramming to prepare for the quilt show.  So, with some help from my son Jeremy Mom will be in Clayton NY this weekend.  If you are in the area stop by and say Hello to her.  She'd love to see you.
All ready for the quilt show

 And last but not least my beloved Baxter.  We cannot sit on the porch without him.  He loves the swing as 
much as we do.  

So, things will be quiet here on my end for a few days.  If you order from just be aware that we will do the best we can, but orders might be delayed a few days.
Have a great day everyone!
Until next time....


  1. Prayers being said for a successful surgery & uneventful recovery time!

  2. Sending wishes your way for a speedy and easy recovery. ... jan

  3. God speed with a quick recovery

  4. Do not worry about your hysterectomy...I was so anemic and it was the best thing I ever did! Felt so much better!

  5. Boy oh boy where do you guys get your energy. I'm tired just reading your post. :-) You found some great "stuff". As for you Miss Julie ... mind your doctor and do TRY to slow down a bit. You'll be in my thoughts.

  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery...weirdo...I've always wanted a set of lockers for my house...

    Oh Baxter is too cute on that swing...

  7. Hope you have a speedy recovery. I felt like a new person after my hysterectomy!

  8. Just a quick hello!! I know u can't stand up straight yet but it will get better & you will laugh like a maniac when you go down "that" aisle in Walmart!!! Glad surgery is behind you. Hope all went well & you are home being treated like a queen!!

  9. Best wishes on recovery! Take is slow, and Carol tell her to slow down!

  10. You have amazing energy! Hope all goes well with your surgery. Take care of yourself . Speedy recovery. Sarah

  11. The kindness of our "internet friends" just astounds me. You really don't know how it lifts to read all your comments. Thanks very much ladies!


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