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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day weekend, a nice productive weekend!

I hope you all had a nice long weekend.  I have seen several posts for remembrance of Memorial day which is nice as I think many think of Memorial Day weekend as the beginning of summer and BBQ time and what dish are you going to bring to the cookout?  That's fine, really it is, but this year I find myself being more appreciative to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  I think it's because my husband is newly retired and each day the realization comes to me that we don't HAVE to move again and he doesn't HAVE to deploy for a year at a time anymore.  He's home for good.  I'm very thankful for this, but it does really hit home that we are very lucky to have made it through 6 deployments and others were not so lucky.  

So, with that said, we had a very quiet weekend here in Evans Mills.  We have all agreed that this summer is going to be jam packed as every minute outside will be spent working on the yard or house to get it back in shape after the year we were gone.  So Saturday morning was a day we had been waiting for for a long time.......the Sackets Harbor town wide yard sale!!!  Sick huh?  Sadly Mom didn't go with us because Ollie, her jack russel/rat terrier was limping.  He's an older dog so I could see the worry in Mom's face.  She decided to forego the yard sales and take him to the vet. Turns out he has arthritis, or maybe a pulled ligament.  He's doing better already.
So, hubby and I jumped in the truck on this very foggy morning....

Baxter hates it when we leave, but he doesn't do well on a car ride so he could not come with us....

One of my favorite views of the yard.....the knoll.  I'm not an early morning person, but if I do find myself up early, I love to see the sun come up over the knoll.
 So, we made our way over to Sackets Harbor, a lovely little town on Lake Ontario.  

...and ever the practical "middle aged" couple, it's always important to find those special "landmarks" when considering that second cup of coffee before heading out to the yard sales!

 If you are ever in the area you MUST visit Tin Pan Galley.  Especially for breakfast.  Four words: Creme Brulee French Toast.  But seriously, look at their beautiful gardens...

I actually did not get a lot at the yard sales.  I am being much more choosy lately.  Everything must have a purpose....well, ok, maybe not, but I was more focused.  Hubby actually spotted this wonderful galvanized metal trough.  We have great plans for it in front of the new shop.

And after seeing Tin Pan Galley's beautiful gardens I was rejuvenated to come home and work on the porch.  It was finally time to gather the grapevine.  That was not a problem since it grows rampant around here.  I collected a huge batch of it to hang around doors......

...and along the top of the porch, above the sap buckets.  Final touch was to add the little star lights.  Twinkly lights just make everything ok don't they?

On Monday I decided to put some effort into the meal. Both boys were home, it was a nice day, had been a productive weekend, so I got the steaks marinating, shucked the corn, made a salad, etc.  Who shows up?  These two......
Just in case a stray morsel or piece of steak might fall on the floor!!  Love how they are sitting!!
 I did manage to make a killer dessert but before that finished stiffening the flowers I have been stitching for the Clayton quilt show.  It's funny because you never know what will be in our oven.  My boys know that just because the oven is on it might not be an edible goody....

...but on this day there actually was an edible goody in the oven.  Raspberry Butter Cake bars.  Watch for my newsletter where I'll share the recipe later this week.

...and here's those flowers all done.  We are putting together kits for these.  The kit will include the wool for a red, white, blue and gold flower, the floral wire, walnut crystals for grunging them, a skein of hand dyed floss, instructions and a flag.  Those will be on shortly.

Here's a few lilacs from our huge lilac tree.  Sadly there are only a few on it this year.  Mom informed me that you need to trim the lilac bush every year so it will yield flowers.  I didn't know, I always said I had a brown thumb.....oh well, next year I plan to have lilacs everywhere!

Here are some things we are working on....

A new hand dyed floss that happened quite by accident, look for it shortly, it will be called "sunburst".

New woolens were added to our woolens page.....
Woolens Page

This wool applique is really turning out to be very delicate and feminine....

"Oh Daisy" waiting to be stitched.  I am also punching Carol's Pennies and Mom is hooking AUTUMN.  Keep watching for those.
 ....and saving the best for last.  Look at what Hubby did this weekend!!!  The shop is really coming along nicely.  Today I paint!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  
Until next time.....


  1. Please.....thank you husband for me & all of his family.....for the sacrifice & protection for me & my family. I am soooooo glad he is home for good!!!!! Your ideas & patterns just get better with every post!! Maybe it's because you & hubby are home for good?!?! Regardless, I enjoy sharing your life & shopping with you!! Can I come sit on the porch?? Lol

    1. Thank you, that's very nice. Come on over and sit on the porch, if only!!! I wish everyone could come over and join us!!


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