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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Office redo and a a cold Sunday morning.....

What an absolutely perfect Sunday!!  Ok, it was a little cold, I think it was below 0......again!  Yesterday was above 30 so Mom and I decided to take part in a little "retail therapy" and hit our favorite stores.  First we went to Gunn's corners for a few goodies.....

Then to Joann's for a few necessities and then the mall.  I'm not a big mall person, but sometimes you just need to do it!  

So, this morning since Jeremy is home for spring break I decided to make a big breakfast.....

....his favorite Stuffed Strawberry french toast...

Then I decided to tackle the office.  I've been promising you pictures for quite awhile but just wasn't feeling it yet.  Well, I'm happy with it, although there are still a few tweaks I need to make.  I really was a bit embarrassed to show you because I didn't think it was such a big deal, but as I look at the before and after photos I realize I really did change it quite a bit.....

The office view from the dining room...

and after...

My "work station"....

Although I did love the faux leather technique I did years ago I really like the light and feminine look now..

Pardon my language, but that is one "big ass" light table....and I love it!!

 I got the basket yesterday at Gunn's Country Corners and it's one of my new favorite things.  Every morning Mom asks me what we have for orders so I told her this basket will be for the orders.  If she gets up in the morning before me she can start putting her wool together.  This door is the door from my office into her Dye kitchen....

Two computers are necessary now as our little business is growing.  I can pack up orders while printing rug covers while my son prepares the packages with shipping labels on the other computer...

Another favorite beeskep from it!  

So, which room to tackle next??  Well, as Mom and I move into the new shop my husband will have a huge new office because all the shop stuff will be out of his way, so, I am going to make his current office my painting studio.  In the meantime I didn't want hubby to feel slighted so I bought him some new curtains for his office.  I'm sure he's thrilled!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing where everything happens.  We are small, but we sure to churn out a lot and it's nice to have a pleasant area to work from.  I'm very lucky indeed.

Until next time.....


  1. wish I can see it in person someday.

  2. We'll I must say it all flows nicely because my orders arrive in a flash!! I also like the FB posts that keep me current on the latest must-haves!!

  3. Thanks for sharing,it's fun to see. I love your new paint color,what brand and color is it,please.

  4. Your office looks great, glad you can' t see mine it's a disgrace right now. Love the basket, very cool and I adore the bee skep. And you are right that is one "big a_ _" light table but I'm sure it comes in very handy :-) I definitely vote for the lighter color walls in your office, I think it's a happy color and who doesn't need happy right? I really enjoy seeing what other creative people are doing, thanks for sharing.
    Blessings to you and yours,

    1. Well, the office already isn't quite that pretty, but it's a hazard of the job right?

  5. I love your paint color,what is it? Thanks for sharing your updates,nice!

  6. Hi Julie,
    I stopped by today to say a BIG THANK YOU for your tutorials on Punch Needle!! I recently purchased one of your patterns from a local shop, was given a lesson on how to Punch Needle, and took the plunge, so to speak!! I also found your tutorials on You Tube, along with several other ladies videos, and finally completed my very first Punch Needle project....your pattern!!! I am so very excited about it and would love to invite you to stop by my blog sometime as I just did a post about it!!! I am really pleased and happy I learned!! I love your patterns and just wanted to thank you again for your part in helping me reach this long time goal!!! I really enjoyed your video too; you and your mom are so cute!!!
    Thank you again so much and have a great week!!
    Warmest Hugs and Thanks~
    Julie - My Primitive Heart
    Primitiveheartstrings blog

    1. Hi Julie, how nice, I'm going to head to your blog right now!! Keep on punching!!

  7. I love your paint color. Do you mind sharing?

    1. I'm sorry I didn't answer before, you know what? I lost the paint can!! And it's still got quite a bit of paint in it so I was perplexed. Anyway, I found it today. It's Valspar paint from Lowes and it's Del Coronado Amber, Ultra Interior Eggshell, Base B Phew, glad I found it because I still have a portion of a separate pantry to paint!!!


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