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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.....

I may go all over the place today.  I feel like I am finally back in the swing of designing and creating and sometimes that's not a good thing because my minds goes in 50 different directions.  
Last weekend Hubby and I went down to Mass. to visit my Mother in Law and had a great weekend.  They actually  have spring and her crocuses were starting to bloom!!  I was just thrilled to see grass as we haven't yet here and to add insult to injury we are getting about 10 inches of snow today!

Cape Cod Bridge
 I've been told that when I leave the house Baxter is sullen and depressed the whole time.  So, we decided to bring him with us.  Well, he's not that great in the car either, but, I do think he forgets he's not a small dog and thinks he can squeeze into areas where maybe he shouldn't be....

...oh my Baxter, that is not a small butt!!  (I'm sure he's saying...."have you seen yours?")
 Of course I can never seem to come home empty handed.  I almost made it but then we went to the Mansfield country store and this unique Beeskep caught my eye.  It's 33 inches tall!!
 In my creative flurry I mentioned that I've been all over the place.  I have new pattern sketches all over my office, half sewn and punched things here and there......
Farm Friends is coming along nicely, in fact, since this picture I have the cow done.  Now just to get the flowers done and then I can start the background a nice variegated hand dyed blue....

...and my "Through the Tulips" wool applique is also coming along nicely although it's so big I can't work on it from my chair, best to stitch it while it's flat on the table.... the penny border....
The other day it was like Christmas as I opened a package from Tommi Crystal designs.  She has taken my Doodle Artwork and made me some very primitive charms for my website.  These are very well made from quality glass and exceptional hand soldering.  Check them out in my Artsy Phartsy section at   or click here: Doodle Charms

 A few months ago I showed this sweet little pillow that Mom had made when she was bored (yes I said bored, but I don't really think so)  We had such feedback on it that I've decided to turn it into a pattern.  I have uploaded it to the website and we are currently also offering this fall wool bundle to make it a kit.  Other seasons will be coming shortly.  Here's the link:
Seasonal Penny Pillow

 ...and finally a new rug design.  I've had this one in mind for some time and what better time to introduce it then the beginning of Spring (Spring is coming right?).  This one is called "Dare to be Different".  After all who wants to be all the same, certainly not that flower in the center??  Available in our rug hooking section as just the pattern or kit:

 Every time I walk into Mom's Dye kitchen she has added a new little decorating accent.  I just love seeing it come to life with the good stuff.....

...a cute little iron mouse is caught in a glass bell jar....

...and a new wreath for one of the old doors....
So, that's whats been going on here.  I better get back to work finishing something!!!
Until next time....


  1. Cape Cod bridge is gorgeous ... so is Baxter's butt! :-) It's just not fair to see green grass and crocuses. We had a couple nice days too ... then
    it came to a screechin' halt today. Four more inches on top of the sky high piles of white (being nice.) Love .. love all the new things.

  2. Ahh Baxter is so honest about his feelings. Daffodils are blooming here--so ready for spring. Love your Mom's "bored" project.

  3. The seasonal pillow pattern? Where is it? How much?


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