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Thursday, December 26, 2013

We're baaaaack in upstate NY and holy hell I forgot about this weather!!

Winter, oh certainly have greeted us back to the North Country with a bang.  I haven't been able to write for a few days because we only just got our phone/cable/internet back on Christmas Eve.  We had one heck of an ice storm over the weekend and were without power all day Sunday.  We were very fortunate though because we had the wood stove.  So, it was forced family interaction with games and actual TALKING.  With 19 and 23 year old boys, that doesn't happen often.  (actually both are very chatty) but discussions usually happen with a phone or ipad or some other device sharing the time.  I felt very lucky to only be without power for one day because I know some were not so fortunate.

Ice Storm ~ December 2013

 After the power came back on we buckled down and got into some serious cooking.  Even the boys helped out, though Jeremy mostly just sampled here and there.

I highly recommend this next one: Cookie Bark.  Bake store bought (or homemade for you Marthas) cookie dough, then allow to cool.  Melt your favorite chocolate and spread over the crust, then top with chopped candies.  We hardened it in the freezer then broke it up.  Delicious!!

Cookie Bark

It's not Christmas without these!!

Nothing better than a cup of cocoa and a pecan snowball.
 I have really fallen off the healthy eating wagon badly.  No shame here, it's been a tough and very busy year and it's not always easy, but I am going to try to get back to it next week.  I write this because of this next picture.  What were we thinking?  Mom and I in a grocery store are not good.  We certainly did overindulge!!

Christmas Eve "spread", which is now the Julie's hips "spread"....
 And what would a Christmas be without the annual "embarrass your dog" picture!!

 ....and the annual "embarrass/blackmail your boys" picture.

So, with the power/cable/internet back on, we all settled into our normal routines, which for Baxter is napping in Mike's chair.

 ...and "A Christmas Story" at 8:00 Christmas Eve...

 ...and every year I stay up until about 2am tweaking new patterns to give Mom for Christmas...

"Julie's Floral" needs more tweaking but is going to be fabulous when hooked.....

This primitive star design was one of offered many years ago for wool applique.....
 ....and this next one has been in the works (in my brain) since we went to the Shelburne museum back in May.  Mom has been after me to do it but I just wasn't sure how.  Well, I dove in and got it done in time.  "Weathervanes of New England" is 44 x 56 inches and I will also be offering each weathervane individually.  My sister also wants to hook it.  It will be fun to see how Mom and her each do their own versions....
"Weathervanes of New England"
 ...and Santa was very good to me this year.  I kept telling everyone that already had my gift.  We were back in our home and we were all together.....but they didn't listen...
I have fallen under the spell of Alex and Ani!  Josh gave me this pretty feather bracelet...

What an absolutely beautiful Antique coverlet Mom gave me for our blue bedroom!!

Practical me did ask for a really good pair of scissors!

Oh, I was good to me too!  "As the Crow Flies" on facebook offers these beautiful necklaces.  I'm sorry I don't know her name or how else to direct you to her.  I got one for me, one for Mom and one for my Sister!

Jeremy gave me this beautiful candle.  See the flowing wick? And it comes in a beautiful pottery vase to keep after burning!

...beautiful scarf from Mom!

Is this not the cutest thing?  It's a tshirt given to me by my Sister and her family... who does it look like??

and hubby was very good to me too, some photo software and all kinds of drawing/sketching stuff, some amazing slippers and a great vintage look Patriots shirt!
 I also got some beautiful earrings from Italy.  My mother in law visited there a couple months ago.  I am very fortunate, this I know!

....and our Christmas table!

 The holidays always mean pulling out the annual Christmas puzzle.  Mom devours a puzzle and can't rest until it's done!

....and what would any post be without........Baxter!!  Just what is he thinking?? 

Merry Christmas everyone and a truly Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!

Until next time.....

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Colleen said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Hope it was as great as it looked. Cute pups!

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