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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Crow and a Pear, no Botox needed and some lemon puppy chow......huh?

I had some scrap pieces of linen so thought I'd draw myself something to hook.  I haven't hooked in so long and I've been dieing to, but before I could get started on it Mom snatched it up!!  She did let me weigh in on colors and although I thought the pear might be a bit too bright at first, now I think it is necessary.  I wanted the rug to be primitive and it certainly is, but I think the pear needs to be a focal point.  Love it, as usual, great job Mom.  The pattern is at the website, here's the link if if you are interested:

I was in the kitchen tonight making up 4 batches of the yearly puppy chow and just thought how I love the window in the kitchen so I snapped a pic.....

Last Thursday as soon as Jeremy came home from college he asked where the puppy chow was.  So, I told him he had to help me make it.  Well, that batch as already gone so that's why I had to make more tonight.  I also thought I'd try some Lemon Puppy Chow.  I love anything lemon and this does not disappoint.

Lemon Puppy Chow

8 cups rice chex
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup lemon curd
1 cup white chocolate chips
3 cups confectioners sugar

Put rice chex in a large bowl or paper bag.  Melt butter, lemon curd, white chocolate chips and pour over rice chex.  If using a bag, shake it so they all get coated.  I just mix mine in a huge bowl carefully so they get coated.  Then sprinkle the sugar on top and keep mixing until it is all coated and not sticky anymore.  I think I used more than 3 cups of sugar.  Keep in an air tight container.  
 So, before we left Missouri I turned in my lease.  I had a very sensible Nissan Rogue.  We figured that with the move, Mom's car, Mike's truck it wouldn't make sense to get another car down there.  So, I've been without a car for about a month now and I finally decided to take matters into my own hands.  I went and looked another sensible Nissan and almost got it, but then told my husband I just wasn't feeling it.  When I said, let's go look at a Dodge Charger I thought he was going to commit me.  Well, guess what, I got it.......a solid black, kick ass, boy car.  My two boys and husband think I'm crazy............but are jealous.  I really don't know what I was thinking, but boy I do love it......

My mid life crisis car!
 So, funny story about that car.....but first let me show you what's happened to me twice in the last month.  First time was when I had a piece of store bought pumpkin pie.  My lip felt funny, itchy, then huge......(and I really can't believe I'm showing you these pictures)  Second time, yesterday morning with a piece of cranberry bread (a mix from a box).  I must be having a reaction to some preservative.  

So, I told my boys that allergic reactions can get worse each time and that next time this happens they may have to take me to the ER.  They said "sure, can we take your new car?" Nice huh?  Anyway, not sure what's happening with my lip, but I guess I better see an allergist!!

I absolutely love this time of year.  I love everything about it.  Christmas specials on TV, having the boys home, special foods, little twinkly white lights, and yes, even Christmas shopping.  Part of my new Christmas tradition is designing a bunch of new rugs for Mom.  She has given me several hints, but it's just so fun to see her open them Christmas morning.  Of course new designs for Mom also means new designs for the Website and I have quite a few planned, so keep watching...

And last but not least, what would any blog be without our dear old Baxter.  Tis' the season to make your dog look as ridiculous as possible, but I swear he is actually smiling in this photo!!  
Remember to enjoy the season everyone!!

Until next time.....


Raymond Homestead said...

Love the crow and pear rug but most of all I love Baxter's picture! I've never had lemon puppy chow, that sounds good! My husband's lip would do that whenever he had Ranch dressing so he never eats it anymore or any salads made with Ranch. We don't know what's in it to make him do that though, so he just stays away from it.

Myra said...

You go girl .... I bet you look mighty fine behind the wheel!! Gonna have to try the puppy chow .... whoa .... almost feel the extra pounds just lookin' at it!! Merry Christmas Baxter!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

About that Puppy chow......this morning, it is a little "stale". I think the lemon curd is too moist for it to keep it's crunch. Don't get me wrong, it's still delicious, but a little chewy.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see A Crow and A Pear in your next wool applique wall quilt!

pearl said...

Take care of yourself. allergic reactions are nothing to mess with. Love the car....Don't mess with Julie! Hope Mom is feeling better. Merry Christmas to you all. jan

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