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Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey and some snow....

Well, as usual, the pace has not slowed down here and I don't really see it slowing down any time in the future.  I knew it was going to be tough getting the house together before Thanksgiving and I was right.  The boys and my Mother in Law came in Monday and Tuesday, thankfully before the big storm......

 If there is one thing they know how to do here in upstate NY, it's take care of the snow.  As you can see, hubby is in his glory taking care of our driveway.  We woke up to this beautiful site Wednesday morning.....

It was hurry up and get this mess put away before the holiday....

....but it's not be for my's still in disaray.  Hubby did get my new floor down, but I will not put it together until I can repaint it a nice soft gold....

 But, because I haven't gotten my workspace finished, my creativity has been screaming to get out, I've been fooling with some hand sculpted hooks.  Aren't these pretty?  They are very comfortable to hook with and very strong.  I have just uploaded them to the website in our supplies section,

Thanksgiving morning was not quite as gray as the day before, a beautiful blue sky and oh the pretty!
 So, many years ago Mom and Dad created this new tradition of having us over for "finger foods" the night before Thanksgiving.  We have done it since and my boys love it.  Here's a few things we made up...

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups

Paula's Pumpkin Butter Cake

Antipasto bites

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Lisa's famous stuffed die for!!

Josh's favorite Baked Brie

A new one, Hot Caprese Dip..

..and Mom's famous Cream Puffs...

Dig In!!!
 So, over the last few weeks I've seen on social media people writing daily about what they are thankful for.  I've had a lot of time over the past year to think about this.  When we headed down to Missouri last year, I had no idea how hard it would be to be so far away from my boys.  It literally was like a piece of me was missing.  Josh no longer lives at home and Jeremy goes to school, but it was still so hard being so far away and not being able to be within a car ride to get to them if needed.  It just feels "right" to be back in NY and in our home.  Old houses are not for everyone, I know that for sure.  There are a lot of warts, a lot that you have to learn to overlook or live with.  I am very lucky to have a husband who is willing to put up with my "quirky" ideas and backs me without hesitation. I am so very thankful for everything and though I'm not a religious person, I can certainly say that I am blessed for the life I have.  So, theres that!!

Thanksgiving day was a nice quiet day, just more eating and family time....and a bit of couch time thrown in too!!

One good thing about a snow storm......instant ice!!

Our Thanksgiving table...
 ...and because we have been itching to get creative and get in the swing of things again, Mom and I have decided to have a one day sale.  Small business Saturday is a great way for people to support their local business.  Even though we are not local to most of you, we are "ever present" here on the www.  So, we will be offering 20% off all day Saturday. Visit the website to build your wool stash or get that pattern you've been wanting for some here
All you have to do is type in SBS13 at checkout, in the coupon/voucher box to save.
A Snowman and his Flag - New pattern for hooking, punch to be coming soon

Hooked rug stockings hung by the wool with care....
patterns available - all 3 for one price....also available in miniature for punch needle

...and how pretty is this festive "Christmas Plaid" wool? This and 10 other woolens were added to the website as well.
So, with that said, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  In the next few weeks remember to take some time for yourself, even if it's just a few minutes to sip some wine or coffee and look at your family's favorite recipes, or some old family pictures, or catch your favorite Christmas movie.  As women we always pile it all on and sometimes forget about ourselves.
Until next time......


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Looks to me like you've settled right back in the groove up in NY! What a delicious looking spread for Thanksgiving Eve... gives me an idea for Christmas Eve... :-) Those cinnamon cream cheese thingies look great for breakfast...

    1. Yes, it's really like we never left. I love it!! Those cream cheese things are to die for and so easy. You roll out 20 slices of bread and set aside. Make the filling with a brick of cream cheese and 1 cup of sugar, I think I added a tsp. of vanilla too just for good measure!! Put about 1 Tbsp of the filling on the slice of bread and roll up, then roll in melted butter followed by a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Then bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!!


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