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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Botanical Gardens, Joe's and a Calendar!

I can't believe it's been so long in between blogs.  There's a lot going on, but truth be told, it's really just the same old thing around here.  We are always busy working on new things, but lately we find ourselves just trying to get organized for the move.  Lots of planning, list making, catching up on paperwork, etc.  In between that I found that the shot I got last month hasn't worked.  I am feeling much better though so think I will be able to make it until I get back to NY to decided which route I want to take.

So, we decided to take a much needed break yesterday and headed up the St. Louis to the "Best of Missouri" food/craft show.  At first it was sprinkling, but then it stopped so we decided to stroll through the gardens......

Very neat glass blown "pods" floating in the pond....

These guys where HUGE!!

One of the highlights for us is the soup from the Blue Owl diner.  Here's hubby enjoying a bowl, but soon after.....
.....his words were, "I'm going to look for some kind of shredded meat".  Lol!


Very funny Mike!

Mom has decided on her mode of transportation back to upstate NY.  She will arrive 3 weeks after we do!!  

Mom and I enjoying our Soup!!

My only purchase yesterday was this very out of character for me, ceramic pumpkin.  But, we had seen some in a nearby garden and it looked great, so this guy will be heading to NY and probably end up in the yard for a fall display!  It's much bigger than it looks in the photo!

Is this the most precious thing or what?? Lola was not enjoying the muggy day in her chair at the store where I bought the pumpkin!

I can't remember this guy's name, but doesn't his face remind you of Baxter??  I love these guys!
 So next we headed off for a bit of shopping.  We decided to go over the border into Illinois to Fairview Heights.  Mom wanted to get a tablet (she was up till 2:30 playing Candy Crush) so we decided to visit Joe's Crab Shack while we were in the area.  Yum!

Go Mom!!

Hello my pretty!!

My goodness that looks like a very large beer up front in the photo.  I was sipping on an Apple Pie moonshine.........highly recommended!!
 So, now it's back home and back to work.  
I am really focusing on my punch needle section, doing all the figuring to offer all my designs (over 100) as kits, with all the floss.  I'm also enlarging many of them as I felt they were too small for six strand punching.  It's about time I got to this!!

Love it.........hand dyed dirty pumpkin floss!

I have decided to enlarge my Let's Talk Turkey design.  What a handsome fellow!

We will also be offering pennies in whatever color you like very soon.  I see penny rugs galore in our future!!

Busy, busy......doesn't that mean a rough winter ahead?? I hope not!!

Mom, me and the flock!!  These cuties were made out of stone!
 ....and last but certainly not least.  We are happy to announce that our "A Year in Hooked Rugs" 2014 calendar is now available at the website.  We have chosen popular rugs for each month.  We are very pleased with how it came out.  Right now they are in limited supply so get yours now.  They may soon be available on amazon. Here's the link to them at the website:

So that's all from Missouri for now.  In 4 weeks our packers will be here and we will be on our way back to the North.  I'll try not to be so long in between blogs.  Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Until next time!!  


moosecraft said...

It's always a treat to travel along with you through the photos! Even though it rained a bit, looks like a great way to spend a day! Love that dirty pumpkin floss! Sending healing thoughts to you. I've been through the fibroid thing.. and "it just ain't no fun"!!! ;-)

ileyssilver said...

Loved hearing your news. Your new/ old home sounds wonderful. My hubby and I are looking for a cabin in Maine next Oct. for our 40th anniversary. Love the East coast..

theoldtatteredflag said...

No fun is right!!! Thanks so much you are so kind!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Maine is beautiful!!! I am most definitely an East Coast girl!!

Myra said...

Just received your calendar ... what a beauty!! Can't wait for the new year to start so I can display it.

theoldtatteredflag said...

Thank you so much Myra, you've made my day!!!

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