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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things......

After being away for a week it was a little hectic getting caught up, but now I am back into the groove of things and making some progress.  Here's some things we've gotten accomplished!  Check out for the things you see below..

"Carol's Pennies" available as Pattern or Kit
Click here : Carol's Pennies

Our "Artsy Phartsy" items are really starting to pile up.  I hope to get the section up within the next few days.  We will have several outfits with scarves, tops, handmade jewelry and other goodies.  

Handmade Necklaces!

Handmade Wool Comfy top with Handmade snowflake necklace..

Fleece Vest with Needle Felted Wool scarf...

...Last but not least I'm happy to say I've gotten the Valances loaded to the website.  These are just fabulous and there is a LOT of interest in them.  They will be very "personal" to you though, as you will want the sizing to be right and if you choose to get your woolens from us, we will work with on colors to go with your decor.  Cyndi is going to order the set to hang all together in her living room, so we are going to coordinate all the colors for her.  Shirley wants them for her home and tells me she has 26 windows.....yikes!! 

You could also do one or two for a room, per season, so you could change them out every few months.  Please email with any questions.

A Floral Valance for each season.
Here's the link: Valance Patterns

For the backing of the valance a sleeve was machine stitched on, then the backing was hand stitched.  It is best to put a stiff piece of cardboard, cut the same as the valance in between the hooked rug and backing so that the valance will hang nice and flat/straight....
So, Mom is heading to the Saltbox Primitive Woolens hook-in this weekend with Nancy, while I stay here and get some much needed work done.  Check the website for the "Artsy Phartsy" section as well as some new woolens.  

Until next time.......

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