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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finally.............some very exciting news, a hook in, some cake and my Patriots!!

There is so much to tell you I almost don't even know where to start.............well, yes I do.............we are going HOME!  Hubby and I have decided to move back to Evans Mills, NY and our beloved stone house!!

Our stone home built in 1831, Evans Mills, NY

The side porch of our home, lots of good times have been had on this porch!

The Ladies in my husband's Battalion gave me this beautiful print of our home drawn by Stephanie Douglass.  I didn't know just what it meant to me until I walked by it today!!
 This was really not an easy decision, but in retrospect I think it was always bound to happen.  Yesterday when we told an old friend where we were going, he said "well, I always assumed you'd go back".  The thing is, hubby has put in job applications all over the Northeast and as I mentioned we visited lots of potential locations a couple weeks ago.  We found lots of beautiful homes but something was just not right.  One morning he was out running and it came to him, "why are we looking for something that we already have?".  We lived in Evans Mills for 6 years and had really started to plant some roots.  My boys both graduated there, my Father died there, my Mother moved in with us there, My mother in law bought a home right next door with the intent of possibly spending some time close by, I seriously started my business from there and have some great friends.  Not to mention that my husband and I use to love to sit on the porch swing at the end of the day and just enjoy it!  When we bought the house we had such plans and when we found out we had to move we set everything aside.  Well, now we can continue on with our plans.

 Sometimes you have to go through a lot to realize just what is right for you and we finally came to the right choice.  So, NY ladies, get ready, we are coming back!!  We are all over the moon HAPPY with our decision and can't wait until November.

So, on to other news....Mom and Nancy attended the Truman Lake Hook In this week, put on by Saltbox Primitive Woolens.  Mom had a great time!!  

Mom met some ladies (retired Air Force, thanks for your service ladies!!) who knew of The Old Tattered Flag and asked to have a picture with her.  I think she was a mini celebrity!!  Ladies, we hope you can come to the studio before we move!!

So, Nancy told Mom that they have a show and tell and that she could bring three rugs to show.  She wrestled with this, but I told her "oh, you have to bring Stars and Flowers".  So, she rolled it up and brought it.  When they got there, there was a display of rugs so she handed hers over.  All of a sudden she found that apparently they were being voted on.  They gave 3rd and 2nd place away and Nancy nudged Mom and said "I think I see your Stars and Flowers".  Mom said "noooo".  She was shocked.  She won 1st place.  You can see in the third picture how surprised she was, she thought it was for show and tell.  


Wait..............what?  No way???!!!

I can't believe it!!!  (way to go Mom)

A beautiful booth at the hook in!

Nancy hooks.....

"Saltbox Primitive Woolens" in Warsaw, Missouri, they hosted a great hook in.  Stop by if you are in the area.

Someone's cute sheep, I like how they are hooking real wool in, interesting dimension!!

Mom brought me home a t-shirt.  I didn't go because I had planned to stay home and get some work done, but turns out I've been a little under the weather so it was probably a good thing I didn't go.

A neat button that a gentlemen was selling.  She plans to use it on a purse.

Some other goodies she got!

Ahhhh, wool, wonderful wool!!!  

So, this is what happens when you bring a first place rug home in our house.  Baxter!!!

Again, way to go Mom!!!
 So, even though it's in the mid 90's here, something about football makes me feel domestic.  I want the house to smell like something is baking and to sit and stitch while watching the Patriots.  (they won by the way)  Funny thing is, halfway through the game, my husband popped a beer open and they started doing badly.  I told him the beer was jinxing them.  He put the beer away and they won, so, now he can't drink anymore beer during a game.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!  Just like the bud light commercial. 

So, one of our favorite things to say at about 9 o'clock at night when you are craving something sweet is "did you bake a cake today".  So, I did............carrot cake!!  I'm glad I did, it's like a celebratory cake for Mom's winning!!

What am I making??

Carrot cake!!!
 .....and last but not least I thought I'd show you what I encounter every time I come out to the studio.  I guess it's good that it's not a snake, but, there are ton's of these little guys around and they always pop out and run right in front of you.  Usually a bad word comes out of my mouth!! 

Anyway, as usual, we are super busy, even more so than usual now that we know a move is 8 weeks away.  But, we are still plugging away on the Artsy Phartsy section.  My Valance design is really taking off too, so I am custom drawing patterns and with that we are making a finishing video to show how to complete them.  So, never a dull moment here.  I look forward to sharing our move back into our house with you.  With that we are also happy to announce that we will be renovating so that I can officially have a "real" shop in addition to my website.  So, keep checking back......

Until next time...........


Sheila said...

Congratulations on the move back to Northern NY. I am originally from Potsdam, but now live in the Finger Lakes area. We make the trip home three or four times a year and always enjoy seeing the old cut stone homes. Your heart knew where to go :)

marie said...

Wow------I'd love to live in your stone house---when you get settled take indoor pictures. Good for you, a shop, you will surely have lots of business. Maybe hubby can work for you.

theoldtatteredflag said...

Thanks ladies, Marie if you go back to December 2011 here on the blog you can see a Christmas tour of the inside of our home. We use to have an open house for our hookers so we would "deck the halls" so to speak....

Susan Link said...

So glad you made the decision to come back to NY! Looking forward to the shop too!

moosecraft said...

Happy! Happy! Happy! So excited for all of you! :-)

Me and My Stitches said...

Wow - that is exciting news for you! Glad you made the decision - it's obvious that it's the right one for all of you. Congrats to your mom - that is really cool, but no surprise - the rug is amazing!

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