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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kind of slow it..........and randomness....

The week after a sale is always a little slow.....I shouldn't say slow, just a little less frantic, so I've really been all over the place.  I have so many loose ends to tie up.  I am re-vamping my rug hooking/wool applique/ and punch needle sections to make them easier for everyone, so I could be on the computer doing that, but instead I have found myself dyeing some floss, designing some new patterns (oh, I am so happy with them, Mom is hooking them and I can't wait to show you), and also working on some really cool new things that I can't talk about yet.  So, I just thought I'd pop in and blog a little............about nothing really!! (well that's interesting)

I'm not saying anything!

I've seen people on facebook who tell everyone what they cooked for dinner and thought, hmmm, ok, why do we need to know that, but then I made this chicken last night and the weirdo I am thought "isn't that pretty", I must snap a picture.  It smelled wonderful, but then, the chicken was just chicken, didn't really taste like lemon and rosemary.  Oh well, I tried!
 So, Mom and I are still going to the gym everyday.  I'm very proud of both of us, but especially Mom.  She is walking the track for a solid 40 minutes, most days walking 3 miles.  I walk one day and do the elyptical the next.  So, my husband is running in a 5K on Saturday to benefit Fallen Soldiers.  I asked Mom if she wanted to walk it and without hesitation she said yes.  I tell you all this because I think she's really taking it serious.  She bought a new pair of track pants.  Being the shorty that she is, she decided they needed to be hemmed.  So, yesterday she spend an hour hemming her new track pants only to discover that she had done them inside out!!!!  I said, hold on, let me get a picture!!  So, wish us luck on Saturday.  The one thing that is keeping us going (since it starts at 7:30 am) is that there WILL be breakfast afterwards!!

That's a "Dammit" face
All I can think is, "it took you an hour of sewing to discover this??"  Lol!

I dyed a big batch of Antique Black floss today.  It is really vintage looking, really more of a really dark gray with hints of lighter gray that will peek through.  It looks greenish in this photo but it's not.

I feel bad that I haven't been able to get my "Stars and Flowers" wool applique pattern done, but did have the chance to put the sashing/borders on yesterday.  It is looking good, but my last two rows are off.  I'm ok with hand stitching/designing, but lousy at quilting and matching up and all.  I need to put it down for a couple days and come back to it.  That was a "Dammit" moment for me.  After I put the blue sashing on all four sides I am going to do an applique border as well.  Stay tuned, I am working on it!

Bottom two rows are off, but it's coming along...

So, a couple months ago I showed some of my Sister's rugs and they got a lot of chatter.  This one below in particular by Blackbird Designs sparked some interest and one of our customers wanted us to color plan it for her.  I searched through the pictures of my sister's rugs to see if I could find what rug she was referring to, only to find out that this very rug was in my house.  My Mother hooked it years ago.  I guess it's pretty bad when you have so many rugs in your house that you don't really even know what you have.  

Beautiful design by Blackbird Designs, can be found in their "In Praise Of Autumn" book.  Of course the beautiful woolens can be found at
 And of course what would any blog post be without mention of Baxter.  After that first horrible day he was pretty much back to himself.  A couple days ago the spot of the snake bite actually fell off, but it is healing up nicely.  

What a face!
So, back to work I go.  Keep watching, we have lots of new things coming up soon!
Until next time....

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theoldtatteredflag said...

Yea I had the picture of your rug, but didn't know the same rug was here.....blonde!

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