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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ahhhh Sunday....and a little revenge!!!

Ah, a nice quiet, and relaxing Sunday.  We can relax a little more today as you will see below.  My hubby is our hero!......he killed two troublemakers (snakes) yesterday.  I know down deep that there are more, but I am breathing a little sigh of relief!

Mom and I finally caught up on filling orders and have now moved on to some new projects.....some things we are very excited to share but that it is still a little too soon to show you.  Just keep watching!  Here's some pics I've snapped over the last few days......

Kit cut into strips for our "Old Glory" large (is it weird that I find this beautiful and just want to run my hands through it?)

Charlene is going to be very busy!!  These are all hers!

New Hand dyed thread "Rust Brown" seen on the border of my "Vintage Snowman" punch needle.  I'm off to add it to the website shortly!

"Vintage Snowman" punch needle all completed!  Kit with floss will be available in the next few minutes on

He's beautiful, but I'm still pissed at what he did to that baby bunny......I know, it's the circle of life!!

Revenge!!!  The one on the left is a copperhead, that's what got Baxter last week, the one on the right is the big black snake I have been seeing for two weeks.....the cotton mouth.  Good riddance!!  
 I'm not sure if you've seen the news or not, but as I mentioned the other day, we have had some severe flooding.  On Friday we had another downpour and within minutes this is what the yard looked like.  The ground is so saturated that it only takes minutes for this to happen.

A little rain storm....

A nice little river running through our yard that normally isn't there!!

The trickling creek behind our house is now a raging river.

This is looking at the trickling creek from the other side of the bridge.  We cross this bridge as part of our driveway to get to our house.  The water was about 3 feet from the bridge, it is normally about 8-10 feet away.  Thankfully it subsides as quickly as it arrives.

Nancy's latest project.........gorgeous!!

...and love those woolens from   
 So, now today is beautiful and sunny out, in the high 80's, cool this time of year is what the news people say!  Oh really, I love it!  Two snakes are dead, I'm caught up on orders and able to get into creative mode again and I just purchased plane tickets to fly to Vermont in two weeks.  Jeremy will be heading back to school so we are going to fly up and help him get settled and then scope out some areas to move.  All is good right now!  
Keep watching as we will be showing some great new things.

Until next time....


Susan Link said...

Please come back to the Watertown area! I'm ready to get hooking again!

Merry Wind Farm said...

Snakes, yikes!! I'm sure glad that all I've ever seen around here are garter snakes...they're bad enough! Where is all this flooding? I can see that your yard is beautiful.

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