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Friday, June 7, 2013

Vacation "less than flattering" photos....and subject matter....

Last week on facebook my friend Mary asked how come there are never any embarrassing photos of me online.  Well, today should take care of that.  They aren't too bad, but I REALLY hate to have my picture taken.  Whenever Mom does something funny I say "oh I should snap a picture for the blog" and she'll groan and then say "cheese".  Lol!  Here is the last batch of "less than flattering" photos from our vacation....

Ok, what I'm about to tell you isn't pretty!!!  Here's Baxter and Max at the Vet before the trip.  They were there for......there's no nice way to say this........have their anal glands cleaned.  You may think this is nasty, but let me tell you, it was well worth the $10. 

Pre-vacation bath for Max.  Of course Max, my good boy, was the first one to roll in something nasty at the lake house, so he had to have another bath the night we got there.  The things we do for our dogs...

This was day 1 of the ride up North...........pulling a boat......with my driving.  When the waitress said "Can I get you...." I quickly said "YES"!

At my son's graduation we were heading to the bookstore when all of a sudden I heard my name being shouted.  Lo and behold, there was Bonnie, one of nice Northern NY ladies.  She never hooked but always came along and knitted or found some way to keep her hands busy.  She's such a nice lady!!  What a small world.

As you can see I did not get my Mother's genes.  She is the snack queen of the East.  Look at that plate of ribs!!

Mom and MIL (mother in law).  Never have two sexier women been photographed!!!  Lol, it's all in good fun now! I mean really, they are posing.

Ok Mary.........happy??  Let me tell you, Lake Champlain is really cold at the end of May.  As my husband and I were...disembarking the kayaks, he decided to fall and drag me down with him.  So much for chivalry!

Day 2 of the trip back home.  Ollie didn't want to ride fact, he looked dead.  He's ok!
Fishing goddess, Lisa, my Sister!  Love the crocks!

Ok, vacation is over and we brought back some pounds, so it's back to the gym everyday.  I don't think Mom likes it!

Hey, we also came back with a big kid!!  Jeremy, Mom and I go to the gym everyday.  He is recovering from an MCL tear so rides the bike, I do the elyptical or walk and Mom walks the track with her big blue headphones on.

Remember that rug that Mom hooked while on vacation....well, here it is again.  Why do our pets have to christen our rugs?
Vacation is over, we are all pooped.....sweet dreams of wool!!

Until next time.....


HomePlace Gatherings said...

I Love, Love, Love the last photo of the dog sleeping against the piled wool!

theoldtatteredflag said...

That's my Baxter, he comes to the studio with me everyday. He keeps things ingesting for sure.

Raymond Homestead said...

Enjoyed this post, especially the cute puppys!

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