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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Random...........Poison Ivy?

I need someone to tell me if poison ivy can present itself 3 weeks later.  I thought I read that if you've never had it before, it can take weeks to show up.  When we were on vacation I thought I might have walked through a poison ivy patch. Everyone told me, "oh no, I'm sure it's not".  Well, the day after we got home I started getting these welts.  They are not on my feet where I would have suspected them to be.  So, I was good for a couple of days, but now I've got these big welts/hives here and there, arms, legs and other areas if you know what I mean.  Either it is the poison ivy, or I am having a reaction to something in our yard.  I will say that when we got back it looked like it had rained Miracle Grow on our yard everyday.  It's beautiful!

So, since we've been back, my son Jeremy, my mother and I have been going to the gym everyday.  It's great to be back to working out, but, it is really cramping my work output.  I am NOT an early riser, never have been and never will be. My husband, the soldier, thinks I should be up at 4:45 like him and off to the gym with only 1 quick cup of coffee.  He only said it once before I reminded him of who he was married to.  So, we were going at 10 am, but then decided it is better to go around 1, when no one else is there.  Problem is that is right in the middle of the day.  I have this really bad habit of getting irritated if I have to go anywhere or be interuppted when I'm working.  So, needless to say I am a little behind.  I have really been pushing to work on the Stars and Flowers punch piece but today just had to doodle.  I've had some snowmen in my head for awhile.

Still need some more tweeking....

So, it seems that some of you really are watching the progress on the hooked version of the Stars and Flowers.  Jayne and Patti are among the first to take the plunge.  I do not want to keep people's credit cards on file for a block of the month club.  I figure whoever is going to tackle this project it going to finish it, so, we are offering the kit in two block increments.  The first payment will be the biggest since it will include the pattern ($125 on monks, $147 on linen), then we have figured that it will be approx. $59 for two blocks worth of wool.  Patti and Jayne are both starting this way and will let us know when they are ready for block 3 and  4.  I will send close ups of the particular blocks you are working on along with the wool.  We have also set aside the wool for their entire project, ensuring that we will not run out of the colors.  So, if you are interested in getting started, zip me an email and we'll get you

"Stars and Flowers" Kit, 2 blocks at a time.....

....and what would my blog be without Baxter.  He seems to have picked up a piece of monk's cloth perfectly on his mouth!  What a dork!

Not a day goes by where a kodak moment doesn't present itself....
So, I'm off to cook dinner and get settled in for the season finale of "Game of Thrones".  Our sons got us into it, does anyone else watch it and if so, what about last week, eh??  ....and I have to admit I have a guilty pleasure.......the Real Housewives of New Jersey.   Oh, now don't roll your eyes, come on, you know you have one too!!  It's the only one of them I watch, but I always laugh and say to my husband, "now that's good TV".  Oh, and Nurse Jackie tonight too, so I will be front and center, punching away.  Progress is coming along on the hooked and punch version of Stars and Flowers so keep watching....
Until next time....


  1. Love thrones too! Last week was OMG! Sadly enough....I'm a housewives fan too.....
    Love Stars and flowers! I have to finish your red and white coverlet rug first!!

  2. Be careful with that poison ivy - you can spread it all over when you are washing if you don't know how to take care of it. If it gets into your bloodstream it starts showing up in places a long ways from where you touched it with your body. A GOOD doctor will put you on prednesone (decreasing doses)for ten days to get rid of it.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I'm going to get checked out tomorrow. I'm not sure what it is but I am having a reaction to something, so I'm sure they'll give me something for it.

  3. What's happening with the t-shirts? Any progress on them? I can't wait to see them finished!

    homeplacegatherings at gmail

    1. Hi Doreen, we've been fooling with different dye techniques and I finally got the right paints so hopefully not much longer.



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