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Friday, May 3, 2013

I goofed......

A couple weeks ago I showed you that I screwed up in the placement of blocks on my "Stars and Flowers" quilt rug.  Well, I had to fix it and this is the only way I could think of.  I had to move 5 blocks around, so I went over what I had already drawn with red sharpie.  It will be a bit tough for Mom when she's gets to them but I think as long as she has a the image to go from she'll be able to do it.  These are the things you run in to as you are designing....

Stars and Flowers boo boo!

ugh! is coming along nicely though.  Mom hasn't been hooking on it a lot because we've been doing a lot of yard work, plus I just gave her another project that I haven't shown anyone yet, but I do think you are all going to LOVE it, and she gets sidetracked easily with new projects!!  

While she's been hooking, I've been stitching the design and punching it.  I showed you the slow progress on the punched version yesterday, well here are the first five blocks I have stitched.  Slow going, but I love the look and it's just so relaxing to do!!

Stars and Flowers for wool applique!

I am only doing a tiny stitch around each shape as I feel anything bigger would take away from the design...and I'm using the same color floss as the wool.  I usually like to use a different colored floss, in fact, usually I use black for everything as I think it's more primitive, but with this design I think simple and pretty was a must.

New rug idea ~ I made this cute little pottery mug a few years ago at Fort Drum and it has been in my bedroom holding stuff on my dresser. I've always loved it, but just today thought I'd design a simple flower rug from it.  What do you think of the colors we've chosen??

My sister Lisa gave me a great idea to design a rug from her primitive paper mache JOL's.  So, keep an eye out for that too!  If you are interested in any of her JOL's email  

Wool experimentation ~ We showed a picture of us painting  wool the other day.  The bottom one is the finished product.  I LOVE IT!!  Very nice and muted and earthy looking.  You will get four different wools in one piece.  The other one is tie dyed.  Love that too!!  Look for them soon on the website, or if you need it now, zip me an email,  Each 1/4 yd. piece will be 10.50...

See what happens when you come to the studio.  Really, Baxter, is there any limit?

....and this glorious creature is what I wake up to every morning.  Max, could you be any more comfortable.....and you should hear him snore!!

Until next time.......

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Me and My Stitches said...

Love the rug, love the quilt, love the wool, love the furry friends!!

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