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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flowers, some candles, and scissors...oh my!

We have had some gorgeous weather here with temps in the 80's.  I think any threat of a frost is over, so we (I should say Mom) has been planting flowers.  I buy them and haul the bags of soil and she plants.  I really don't do well with plants, I forget that they need to be watered!
So, today's blog is a bit of a mix of things.  I have added some new items to the website.  Our newsletter went out yesterday, if you are not on it and would like to be email me, and I'll get you one.
Enjoy the pics....

I restocked my great Americana Vintage Candles at the website today.  In addition to my favorites, Apple Crisp and Homestead, I have Caramel Flan, Lemon Custard, Lemon Grass and Orange Clove.  Here's the link to the page:
Odds~N~Ends Page for the Candles

Cart o' flowers by the front door

"Chinese Checkers" pattern available, click on the link below:
Chinese Checkers pattern

Here is a photo of our different hand dyed reds.  Sometimes when Mom dyes a new red I worry about it looking too much like another one, but you don't realize how different they are until they are next to one another.

New Heirloom scissors added to the website today, here is the link:
Heirloom Scissors

Lettuce is coming up and the herbs are coming along nicely!

Look who flew into the studio today!  Isn't he gorgeous?  He let Mom catch him, actually he was exhausted from trying to get out.  I said "well, there's one we can cross off our bucket list".  How many people ever get to hold a hummingbird?

Julie painting wool

Every time I show Mom lately she's on a ladder!!  She is now up to 77 bolts of wool so we needed to get another shelf....

The painted wool before we hang it up.  I'm hoping the colors run into one another, but it's very warm out so it might dry before they run...

Since we've been doing yard work late in the afternoon I haven't had the chance to work on this much, but hope to get going on it soon.  I have four of the 20 wool applique blocks stitched so that's coming along slowly too.  I'll keep you updated.

Now, that's just inappropriate!!!  Some privacy please, still, not something you see everyday!!
Until next time......


Phyllis in Minnesota said...

Love your blog today - everything from turtle sex and heirloon scissors! Toooo funny.....

theoldtatteredflag said...

Lol, thanks Phyllis, I was worried that some might be offended by the turtles, but then hey, where do we think baby turtles come from, right?

paulette said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!!

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