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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a pretty bluebird, Nancy's quilt rug and a monster.....

It's been a very busy day here.  First of all I woke up at 5:30......that's not the norm for me.  I'm an 8:00 girl, sometimes later.  But occasionally, lately, I've been waking up and if my mind starts, it's all over.  I have had my "stars and flowers" quilt design on my mind.  I am in the process of turning it into a wool applique and punch needle patterns and it's daunting, but exciting at the same time.  I just love it.  Tonight....... if I'm not asleep in my chair......... I plan to start cutting out the wool appliques.   

Also at 5:30 this morning I started to plan my son's next few months (in my head anyway) as he is about to graduate from college.   Will he get a job?  How will we help him move when are up in NY for only a week?  Where will he move? I wonder if he'll make enough to cover his expenses? Is it any wonder I wasn't able to sleep?  By the way, if anyone knows of a job opening in the music industry for a very mature, wonderful young man let me know. He has a minor in Event planning as well. God, he'd kill me!!  Seriously though, he is a real very hard worker.  This past weekend he ran the Relay for Life at his college and they raised $50,000.  This week he has the zombie run, another fundraiser for brain cancer and then he tells me he can concentrate on graduation!!  Oh my, I sound like a boastful mother!!

Anyway, enjoy the next few photos....I'll keep you updated on that wool applique quilt...

Nancy is almost done hooking her quilt rug, she only has four more squares left but says she is burned out and needs a break!!!  I can see why but I'd have to finish it...

It's just gorgeous!!!

This was designed by Patty of Saltbox Primitive Woolens in Warsaw, Missouri.

She's a great hooker!!

Oh and in between hooking the big one, she finished this as well.  She could give Mom a run for her money!!!  This is a Barb Carroll design, love it!

Look who I caught in the garage today.....literally caught....isn't he beautiful??

Last night I finished my "Fleece and Feathers" punch needle set.  I will soon be offering the thread for this pattern..the pattern is already available at the website.

In between all the punching, hooking, etc, orders have to go out......

This is the start of my "Stars and Flowers" wool applique.  I have to draw all the templates, figure how many of each thing will need to be cut out, the colors.  On each page I will hand draw a  picture of the block for a placement guide.  Tonight I start cutting wool....

Take a look at this monster!!!  My old printer, which I've had for two years has been dying a very slow death.  It finally gave in so I replaced it with this shiny new guy.  I haven't played with it too much, but did ask the guy at Staples if I needed a PHD to run it.  He said "no" but then I reminded him of my hair far so good....This one has an 11 x 17 scan bed and can print out large sheets so will be very good for my pattern design...

"Winter Blooms" finished
Beautiful job Mom!  Next design will be spring and summer blooms.  If you haven't seen "Fall Blooms" be sure to visit the website.

Love the colors!!

Until next time......

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Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, I do love both of Nancy's rugs!!!
Pug hugs :)

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