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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nice Sunday for...........lemon butter cake!

Here are the good things I have discovered about Missouri: the botanical gardens in St. Louis, Matt's Steakhouse in Rolla and Butter Cake.  I had heard of butter cake before, but to me, cake is no good without frosting..........wrong.  If you can find a recipe for butter cake on the internet I highly recommend you try to make it.  It's very easy, just involves, eggs, butter, flower, cream cheese, etc.  It's a nice, moist, almost cheesecakey cake, but the texture is what makes it amazing.  Hey, can you tell I'm a foodie??  Anyway, I don't know why, but when there is a change of seasons it makes me want to cook.........I'll tell you, pinterest doesn't help either.  My god, there are so many good recipes there.  I seem to have found all the lemon recipes as I associate spring with lemons.  So, today I made this lemon butter cake.  Can't wait to give it a try later......

Lemon Butter Cake
 I have so many unfinished projects around that today I said "enough is enough!".  I finished my "Mother Spring" angel, she will be available soon on the website, as well as a punched piece that I put in the neat old metal piece I bought yesterday, two hooked pieces for wreaths and I am currently painting two large flags for the antique store.  

"Mother Spring" angel

I knew it wouldn't be long before Mom started hooking my "Stars and Flowers" quilt rug pattern.  I LOVE the colors she has chosen, very different from what I will be doing the applique in, but just as muted, primitive and antique looking.  I'll keep you posted on her progress....
"Stars and Flowers" quilt rug pattern

"Stars and Flowers" quilt rug ~ block #1, love those colors, especially the antique black in the background that is going to make the subjects POP.

I showed you this neat piece yesterday and bought it specifically for a little punched piece.  I affixed some wool in the little tin pocket on the side for some pins.  The "pocket" will be a great place to store some thread and will be available soon on the 

Mom is also currently working on "Winter Blooms" a partner to our popular Fall Blooms pattern.  This one has a basket full of poinsettas and other greenery.  Next up will be "Spring Blooms".  This pattern and Fall Blooms are currently available at the website.  

Oh, and in her spare time Mom is piecing this quilt.......she's crazy!

Off to Jefferson City tomorrow after we drop off my painted Flags to the Antique Store.  I'm in bad need of a Hobby Lobby fix.....

Until next time........


Robin ~ Bird In The Hand Primitives ~ said...

Ok...Love the angel !! Really love the little metal thingy majiggy with the tulip punched piece !! Your Mom cracks me up, and amazes me with her talent and energy to hook, quilt , etc !! You guys are definitely a talented and fun pair...Love it !!

moosecraft said...

Mother Spring is awesome! And love the progress your Mom is making on Stars and Flowers and Winter Blooms! It's all so pretty! I recognize the quilt pattern... I've been thinking of giving it a try!

theoldtatteredflag said...

Thanks Ladies!! It's really fun to see her progress as she comes downstairs every day. As she gets further on it she probably won't be able to haul it around so easily!!

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