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Friday, February 22, 2013

Projects, projects, projects.....

I can't believe it's Friday again!!  Where does that week go??
We do manage to fill up the weeks.  It has been a strange week with Presidents Day at the beginning of the week, then our little storm here yesterday, things have been upside down. I did manage to get some new ideas drawn on monks cloth for Mom to hook and always manage to keep busy myself.  

I've done a lot of sheep patterns, but this one I did for a nice lady a few months ago, slightly different, and liked it so much I decided to offer it.  We had been wanting to do a black sheep for some time and thought this handsome guy was perfect.  Mom is nearly done hooking it so check back to see the finished pic....

"Have you any wool?" coming soon

"Have you any wool?" partially hooked
I showed some WIP's (works in progress) on facebook a few days ago, these pin cushions, and have been having fun at night stitching them up. 

Pin cushions available at the website soon!  
Pin cushion/bowl fillers available soon at the website!

Ok, so Mom and I enjoy our food!!  We have really been struggling with good lunch places around here.  You can only go to Panera so many times.  I had heard of this place in Rolla so we thought we'd give it a try.  A neat concept on their menu was Tater "meals".  Gigantic baked potatoes in different flavors like Cheeseburger (which Mom had to try as she does like her burgers), Chicken Cordon Bleu, Santa Fe...and the list goes on.  Great idea huh?  Well, suffice it to comment!!  The search for the great lunch spot continues.  (by the way, Mom didn't even eat a quarter of it and she said "oh, that potato" for the remainder of the day)

Holy Potato Mom!!!!

Last weeks project for Julie, we got it painted, now just have to distress and antique it!

Hubby made me a towel shelf for the bathroom!!

Last weekends projects.  I had that great piece in the shed for about 4 years now.  My sister got it for me in Vermont.  I finally dragged it out and sanded it down.  Check back for the finished pic.  

Missouri snow!
  I guess living in upstate NY, and I do mean upstate, getting all the lake effect snow from Lake Ontario has scarred me for life.  Snow??  This wasn't snow people!!!  They closed Fort Leonardwood for two days, not to mention everything else.  We were just shaking our heads.  I was going to say you'd have to get two feet of snow to close things down in NY, but actually 2 feet of snow was common and they didn't close things down.  

Nancy is probably the nicest lady here in Rolla and stops by the studio about once a week and always the latest project to show us.  Just look at her amazing work.   
Nancy's star rug!!  Gorgeous.......wool stars and circles on cotton homespun squares...

Nancy's 4th of July rug, this beauty was designed by Polly Minick!  That's our new Liberty blue wool in the background.
 "The Girls" is not a primitive design at all, actually it could be in the right setting, but I have had it in mind for some time. I really miss my girls, use to love to go out and collect the eggs every day.......ah, the simple life.  So I created this rug and Mom was so excited to hook it.  I get enthusiastic about a design and she gets the same way about color planning and hooking.  She knew just the right wool to use for the barn board background and man, it is perfect.  Be sure to click on the picture to see it close up!!

"The Girls"

"The Girls" close up

....And what would any blog be without a picture of Baxter.  The pictures just present themselves. He is such a ham.  He actually comes up to me when I get the camera out and hops up and down as if to take "take my picture".

Oh Baxter your so sexy!!
 Until next time.........


moosecraft said...

Oh my! So many beautiful rugs and projects! Love "The Girls" That wool really is perfect for old barn boards! And that little table is awesome! I sure wish I could find stuff like that! Looking forward to seeing how you finish it. Baxter cracks me up! :-)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Lol, Baxter....we have a puggle and they do the silliest things. :) The barnwood looks so real! I am horrible at picking wools and your mom seems to have the gift! :)

theoldtatteredflag said...

She sure does put colors together well!!

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