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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lots of pics, new things and a contest!!

A lot of pictures today...........

A couple days ago I showed you this piece that I've had in the shed for about 4 years.  I finally pulled it out, sanded it down, painted it with HAY milkpaint, distressed it, antiqued it and sealed it.  Looks like an authentic old piece.  I'm very pleased with the outcome...

The last two game boards in the series of four waiting to be hooked.....

I love to go outside with my camera and get some "artsy" photos.  I also love black and white photos which is really a bit strange since I work with so much color!!  

I hooked myself a "chunky" hit or miss table rug this weekend!
No cutter was used, I just tore the strips for the primitive chunky look.  Harder on the hands to hook, but I love the look!

"Easter Delivery" partially hooked

This is the most overworked pin cushion I have ever seen!

"Have you any Wool?" OMG, love it!!!!  Available shortly on the website,

In my spare time I'm trying to get all my designs punched.  These are my petite prims series, there are 9 in the series, only 5 more to go, the crow is on my frame right now!!

In her spare time....Mom works a bit here and there on our "Christmas in New England" tree skirt.  It's coming along nicely...

I need your help.  I just love these two, so simple and primitive and they must be hung together.  Two separate patterns that will come together as a set, will be available for hooking, wool applique or punch, but I can't think of a name for the pair.  Send me your suggestions and the name I choose will win a free pattern (you can choose hooking, applique or punching)

Send your name suggestion to  with"contest"
in the subject line.

Until next time.....


  1. That table primmed up really nice! Love it! The petite prims are looking great and so much detail in the tree skirt... Can't think of a name for the new pattern...

  2. A very cute pair..congratulations on the design.

  3. My pincushion looks a lot like that. I'm glad I'm not alone. :-)
    Love the chunky hit or miss rug.
    Kinda silly but how about 'BAA ~ CAW' for your twin designs.


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