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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Been out of town

I haven't had a chance to write in a few day as we just got back from up north. We left Friday morning and flew to Boston, spent the night with my mother in law then drove up through Vermont to Plattsburgh state to move our youngest in to college. He had been attending a small college in Boston but realized it was not for him so decided to transfer. I really miss the Northeast but.....holy crap was it cold. It was nice though to see the mountains of Vermont and the fun streets of Boston. On our way back to Boston we met with my sister and her family for dinner. It was a great evening.....3 hours and....ahem....several drinks later we still didn't cover every subject. Speaking of my sister, check out her blog, to see a couple of Santa's she has made for the Super Bowl sale at a local antique store in her town. She does a fantastic Santa holding a list with all the family members names. This guy is a great gift idea for grandparents or anyone for that matter.
Anyway, I digress, after a night in Vermont we continued on, stopped at my husbands alma mater, Norwich university, then onto the Cabot cheese store in Queechee (this is the best cheese, came home with three bricks, sage, tomato basil, and smoky bacon), then headed down to Lebanon, NH and had lunch at Lui Luis, a great Italian place. We then continued on to Boston and the Fannuel hall/Quincy market area. There was a snow storm so as you can see by my photos it was a ghost town, in fact, it was downright eerie. After a night stay in Boston we headed back to Missouri. Phew, it was a whirlwind trip, one though that convinced my husband and I that even though the Northeast can be freezing in January or February, the character and quaintness of the area makes up for it. I'm a Vermonter and he's from Massachusetts, and we know this is where we need to be. So, we hope to be back there very soon.
So, I am now back to work and already sent out a few orders today and drew a new Easter pattern, it's very cute, keep watching for it, and while I was gone Mom got most of my first game board hooked rugs done. There will be a series of four, all done in the same colors and OMG it is beautiful. I should have a picture on tomorrow.
So, that's what we've been up to. Hope this all finds you surviving this crazy weather we are having.
Until next time.......

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moosecraft said...

Beautiful areas in the Northeast! I love Vermont too... but, don't think I could adapt to their winters... Summer and Autumn are awesome there though! :-) Can't wait to see your gameboard patterns!!! I'll be starting my tapestry pattern next weekend!

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