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Monday, November 5, 2012

Rug Hooking Santa's are ready to come to your home!

"Folk For All Seasons" ~ 2012 Santas

"Rug Hooking Santa ~ Snowman Pattern"
"Snowman Pattern" close up 

"Rug Hooking Santa ~ Star pattern"
"Star pattern" close up

"Rug Hooking Santa ~ Stocking Pattern"

"Stocking pattern" close up

"Rug Hooking Santa ~ Christmas Tree Pattern"

"Christmas Tree pattern" close up

Yay!!  I got a surprise this morning when my sister called and told me she had 4 Rug Hooking Santa's for me to share.   I have just uploaded them to the website in my "Odds~n~Ends" section.  If you want one, go there now and get it because there are only these FOUR available and only ONE with the draped flag.  She did that one to resemble my Santa 2012 pattern that I recently released.  
I will tell you that these pictures do not do these Santa's justice.  When you see them in person, you just can't believe the amount of work that goes into each and every one.  The "patterns" are made from paper clay that my sister has made to resemble burlap.  She then painted the "pattern" on.  In each of the baskets are pieces of fabric and wool strips, all made from paper clay, as well as a miniature rug hook.  The detail is amazing.  Each Santa is completely hand sculpted from a lump of wet papier mache.  The process is time consuming and detailed.  If you'd like a special Santa made for yourself, please feel free to email her directly at  
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