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Friday, November 2, 2012

More new things.......

"Fraktur Eagle" 

"Trimming the Tree" hooked rug pattern 
Wools we have chosen for "Trimming the Tree" Hooked rug

"Trimming the Tree" for punch needle
Just a quick blog to show you some more new designs.  I just finished hooking "Fraktur Eagle" last night and am so happy with it.  I wanted the tan to resemble the old stained paper frakturs are done on and it sure does work.  It is our Old Thymey Tawny wool, the red around the shield is our Rusty Nail.  The pattern is available on the website.  
Next, I've had this design in my head for some time.  I mean really, you can't get much more primitive than a sheep and crow decorating a tree.  See the colors we've chosen for the rug.  The background will be our treasure chest gold, which is the grungy plaid gold.  The sheep will be the grungy off white next to the red and the maple sugar will be the star and Christmas balls on the tree. The crow's star will be red as well as the garland around the tree.  Love it!!  I also made it available for punch needle.  
"Trimming the Tree" for hooking or punching are both available on the website now!! 
Mom and I are heading to the Antique store tomorrow to check on our booth, then on to Lebanon to check out the Heartland Antique Mall and probably some lunch.  
But keep checking back as we are really on a roll with great new things.
Until next time......

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