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Friday, September 21, 2012

Flag is done!!

Yay, finally put the last loop in my rug the other night.  Of course when I say I'm done it means I'm done hooking.  I can't tell you how many of my rugs I have not officially finished by binding.  It drives my mother crazy, until she offers to do it.  Is there a method to my madness???  

I do want to finish this one though as it is going in our bedroom in front of the fireplace.  I do have a bad feeling though that I will hear Max scratching it one night as he prepares to lay down.  I'll kill him!  

I also wanted to show you some new colors Mom has been working on.  These 9 new colors will be part of our "vintage collection".  They are nice and soft and muted, a beautiful palette.  Watch for them to be on the website soon.  And if you haven't signed up to get my newsletter please let me know by contacting me through here, the website, or emailing me directly:
In my newsletter I have a section on new patterns, new wools, a craft of the month, recipes and more!  

I have two new designs that I hope to be able to show you within a week, the first I mentioned is my Santa 2012.  He is very simple, but oh so primitive with the colors we have chosen.  The other is my Turkey for 2012 which I at first wanted to call quirky turkey, but he's not really very quirky at all, just very handsome, so I've decided to simply call him "TOM".  Mom has chosen gorgeous colors for him.  She's going to start him in a day or two.  These will both be available in punch and wool applique as well.  

So, off to take some cold medicine for this nasty end of summer cold.  I have a military ball to go to tomorrow night.  My red nose will look wonderful with my blue dress, throw some white in there and I'll look like a true Old Tattered Flag.

Until next time........

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