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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We........ok, he did it!!

Two handsome brothers

Gorgeous new wools

New Rug.....under the web!
I haven't had a chance to write much as we've been getting ready for graduation and putting the wool studio back in order after the quilt show as well as everyday business.  Just wanted to write a quick note to show you some new things.  First, had to show you the funny picture of my youngest, Jeremy, who graduated from high school Friday night and my husband and I.  We had one of those, "YES, we did it" moments and wanted it caught on film. Little did we know we were blocking out the graduates face!!!  Funny!  
Next you can see Jeremy and Josh, our oldest.  No denying they are brothers!!
Tomorrow I plan to sit and upload some beautiful hand dyed wools on the website in 1 yard pieces.  These are all one of a kinds.  Visit  to see them.
And the last picture is one of our newest patterns "Under the Web", it will also be available on the website tomorrow. 
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moosecraft said...

That's agreat pic of the high-five in front of the graduates face! :-) Love "Under the web". I think i'll make that the very next rug I hook! :-)

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