The Old Tattered Flag

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ahhhh, summer weekend!!

Truly....The Old Tattered Flag

Jeremy and the boys......and the Tebow!!

Statue in the Garden..

Coverlet adaptation....hooked by Carol DeCoteau, designed by Julie Thomas

Jeremy....prom day!  Handsome!

Julie and  oldest son, Josh...

One of two very packed nests with babies on our porch...

It was a nice weekend here in upstate NY, with temps in the high 70's.  My youngest son had his prom, him and his date looked very nice.  Him and his friends all planned on wearing white tuxes and although I was horrified as thoughts of the 70's and ruffled shirts came to mind, they all looked very nice.  What a group of "hams", you should see all the crazy photos I got.
This is also the time of year I love to walk around with my camera and just shoot.  Everything is so green and pretty.  Love the picture of the flag and those little birds that are in a big nest on my flag that I hung on the porch.  I sat for about a half hour yesterday and just watched their poor parents constantly flying in to feed them.  Both the mother and father are constantly hunting for worms and feeding these guys.  Whenever they hear anything, all four beaks go up in the air.  We also have another nest with six babies, but, they are really deep in one of my lanterns and I don't want to distress the mom to see them.
My mother finished hooking my newest design, an adaptation of an Antique Coverlet for a table rug, or to hang of course.  I am off to list it on both my website and ebay shortly.  It is just stunning, takes your breath away and just imagine the colors you can do it in.  I think a rich orange with the off white would be beautiful for fall, or of course blue and white.....
I also have 19 new punch patterns I will be adding to the web and ebay shortly, so if you like to punch, check them out.
Until next time.....

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