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Sunday, March 18, 2012

More new things!!!!

New Design ~ Hooked Rug Sampler and Woolen Wall Quilt ~ Coming Soon!!

Wools for above project

I have been wanting to design a woolen wall quilt for some time now and this idea has been in my head.  Now, I realize there is nothing new about anything in this design, but what I'm finding is that we get the best feedback about our color choices.  So, with that in mind, I wanted to design a wall quilt with some of "my favorite things"  and have represented the best of primitive symbols.  This is going to be available in so many different forms.  Each block will be available in an 8 x 12 inch hooked pattern so you can hook each separately and hang them as a series, or you can hook only the ones you like.  You can also hook the entire sampler, which is huge at 28 x 40, but will not be too difficult as you can tackle one block at a time.  We are choosing the most primitive and wonderful colors.
You will also be able to purchase this in wool applique form, either all at one or in three different sections.  I recently sent out our monthly newsletter telling about how we are working on this, so I will keep you posted on our progress!!  Stay tuned!!
All Six Redware Plate Series Chair Pads Finished!!  Thanks Mom! 

I have three of these listed on my website so far and these are proving to be very popular already.  Well, all six in the series are complete for you to see and will be on Ebay and the website by the end of the day.  We have chosen wonderful red and gold to represent our favorite Redware plates!  Thanks to my Mom for getting these done so fast!!

 I showed a picture of this rug I am hooking right now as kind of an experiement on my last blog and recently one of our hookers came by and asked where the project with the blue stars was.  She thought I had layed blue stars on top of a background.  (I think, right Annette?)  So, I wanted to show the progress of it again.  It is called "Floating Stars" and I had planned on hooking it with only red and white hit or miss.  I did not plan for it to take on the wavy design it did, but it happened quite unexpectedly when I only had 3 reds and three whites.  The pattern took on a life of it's own and I have to say, I do like it.  I plan to do a blue braided edge to match the stars which will frame it in and finish it off beautifully.  This is going to make a beautiful table runner.  I picture a white pitcher filled with flowers on it!  Can't wait to get it done!!   
As usual, always very busy with projects here.....and wonderful spring is here so there is alot of outside work to do.  Never a dull moment.
Until next time.....

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