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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New ideas and taxes

New Ideas for wool

Dyeing in the kitchen

Tax Time

OOOohhhhh, AAAaaaaahhhhhh!!!
Not much new around here other than  a bit of snow and icy weather.  It's the end of February and we still are asking "where is winter?"  I guess it's going to avoid us this year.  Even if we do get buried in March, it will not be around for long.  I am very happy but still have to wonder at the cruel irony of it all.........hubby deploys we get 148 inches of snow (which is the norm), hubby comes home, we get 36 inches this year.  LOL! Oh well!
In picture one, see my mother holding up a piece of wool that we have experimented with.  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are about this new venture.  We have been visited by alot of quilters and wanted to incorporate some ideas for them so we are now special dyeing panels for quilting and pillows, or whatever you want to use it for.  We have just fooled with a few ideas and now need to tweek a bit, but are very thrilled with the outcome so far.  I'll be listing a few of the panels on ebay shortly. 
I also thought it would be funny to show  a picture of the disaster we call a kitchen when Mom is in full dyeing mode.  I laugh because our "hookers" always say how nice and clean our house is.....well, not when they are not here.  It's like that saying, "does a bear *&!@ in the woods?"  "Does your house always look like this when people are not here"  Also had to include a picture of that dreaded time of time!!  But, a job well done going through all the receipts and forms today!! It's off to H&R block!!! 
The last picture is one of our experiments......very pretty!  Can't wait to see how well they are received.  I should have some new designs to show you soon...
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