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Friday, February 10, 2012

February doldrums......

"Bunny Beauty"

"Through the tulips"

"Baxter!!!  Is nothing off limits?"

February Window Redo
February is that month where you start to feel the itch for spring, at least I do.  We have had a VERY mild winter too so that makes it even worse.  We barely have any snow and most of the week has been sunny, which is misleading when you step outside and it's still in the 20's, but I certainly cannot complain.  It does feel good to walk in the stores and start to see spring clothes and gardening stuff.
With Spring in mind I designed two new bunny patterns.  Mom has already hooked one.  I asked her if she has little hooking fairies up in her room because she is really churning them out.  She is half done the second pattern, I'll add a photo as soon as it's done.  Both patterns are available on my website,
Next is Baxter!!  You have to say Baxter! with an exclamation because that's normally how we talk to/about him.  He's always in trouble or into something.  Well, I caught him in a quiet moment, but geez, is nothing off limits with him.  He has to lay on something that belongs to someone else.  If he's not laying in the wool, he's usually on my pillow (lovely) or in Ollies (my mother's dog) bed. 
Last photos are of the window in our entry room, which we use as a dining room.  Over the holidays I had these Americana buntings up, but in a way that I was really never happy with.  You know how you just know when it's right.  Well, I found "right" this morning.  It truly is February when rehanging your curtains to find the right look makes you giddy!  What an improvement though! 
Well, better get to work, until next time.....

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annie said...

I love your bunnies, just wonderful. I love the look of your window.

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