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Monday, October 17, 2011

Punch Needle and Turkey!!

What a combination huh? I am in punch needle world now. I think because of my advertising in Create and Decorate, the punch needle world has finally found me because the patterns are flying off the shelf. I actually love drawing them, I turn on my itunes and sit with my sharpie and weavers cloth and it's very relaxing. I have 19 new designs. Above see my new Santa 2011 done in hooked form and punched form. I also have a great new Turkey design that a couple of my students asked me for. Mom is color planning it and I have revised it into a very primitive penny rug table runner and will punch it as well, very soon.

Life has been pretty hectic as usual around here since hubby got home. Who would want it any other way right? Last weekend, his first weekend home, him and my son ventured down to Mass. to attend his fathers mass and Mom and I headed north to Maine as she had a wedding to attend. While there we visited Camp Wool in Kinnebunkport. Oh my goodness, what a great store. It was overflowing with everything textile, from hooking, punching, needle felting, wool applique, you name it. We were there for two hours and probably could have stayed longer. If your ever in the area, make sure to visit. LeeAnn, the owner was so nice!!

My mother got an order for 12 chair pads so she has pretty much been roombound hooking. In the middle of the chair pads she also finished Santa and I'm happy to say he is already on his way to a nice lady in Australia. He's very festive and whimsical.

Since hubby is home I feel an obligation to attend events with him and the invitations coming in are insane, sometimes three a day. After a deployment people come and go so there are alot of ceremonies to attend to say hello and goodbye. Like I said, hectic, but also nice to have him home and get out again.

So, hope you enjoy the new designs. I'll get more on as I get them punched, hooked, painted, etc...
Until next time..

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