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Saturday, August 20, 2011

More new things...

Busy, busy, busy, trying to get ready for the Clayton Craft show next week and our demo at the NY State Fair on Thursday. (we may have exciting news about this, but I'll hold off on that for now).
I wanted to thank some of you for your suggestions regarding dyeing thread and tell you I have had outstanding results. I have about 140 skeins drying right now on an old drying rack and will show you the results tomorrow. I am loving the result of it punched and truthfully, was hoping I woudln't love it, because man is it painstaking. It's very tedious. But, sadly, I am punching my "Ezzies Hat" pattern right now and "OMG" it's fabulous. I overdyed Ecru with tan RIT, which I am calling "dirty linen" and using it for my background. It's so grungy. So, now I am trying to decided if I want to dye my own thread for my punch kits. Hmmm!
Above you can see three of our hooked rug patterns that I turned into penny rug or wool applique patterns. They are fun to make and will be available on ebay and my website in the next couple days. I am writing them up right now. You can also see my "Ezzies Hat" hooked rug pattern all finished. Very primitive and drab!!
Also, that gorgeous rug at the top is the most recent rug Mom just finished. She's a hooking machine, but has been working on this one for some time on and off as she did it with a four, six and eight cuts. It is based on a Charles Wysocki print. Absolutely stunning!!
Better get back to work........Until next time.......

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Courtney said...

Your Mom's work is so awesome. I'm always inspired and impressed. Love Ezzie's Hat. Very cool.
Have a great time with the show!

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