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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ahhhh Spring!

Well, outside of the fact that it sounds like there is a tornado outside, I would say spring is here. It is 71 here today!!! Today is one of those April days where you want to pack up all your winter clothes and get out your capri's and sandals. Not yet though, I have learned that lesson. The grass is greening up nicely and you can even see the buds trying to come out. I LOVE SPRING!!
Mom made me spring clean my room last week. That sounds funny doesn't it? Sounds like I'm a kid again and my mother is making me clean my room..............well! Actually it feel so nice to have it done and in the process we made some new curtains and pillows for my bed. Spring sure does motivate you to hoe out and clean.
I showed you a picture of my girls. They are so happy to be running around again. I have a tall bird feeder where there are normally about 6 swallows eating, and the girls just wait patiently underneath for the scraps to fall.
I also included a picture of one of my latest designs. It is called "What a crock....of flowers". It can be done like this, with daisies or would be beautiful with sunflowers, a red crock and antique black background. It's just so pretty! We are very busy trying to get organized before the magazine comes out. Although I still feel a bit overwhelmed with all we have to do, I know that each day a little bit more progress is made and hey, you can only do what you can do right?
So, enjoy spring, remember to take the time to actually hear the birds and feel the warmth of the sun.
Until next time...........

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Courtney said...

The new rug design is just great! I love the color of the crock. The girls look happy. One of my students has chickens and he told me he let them out yesterday to enjoy the warm weather and they swung on his swing set!! Wish I had a picture of that!

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