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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Deployment........

I haven't been able to update in awhile and truth be told I shouldn't even be doing so now. There is so much to do and just NEVER enough time. I so wish there were more hours in the day so I could make a dent in my "to dos".
It's been super busy and hectic here with Mom and I trying to get the rug hooking/wool studio going. In the middle of that I have had to rebuild my website which has been fun and very gratifying, but VERY time consuming. I'm still not finished, but hope to have it open this week.
On a sad note, hubby took off Saturday for his 6th (real) deployment. When I say real I mean this will be our 6th full year apart. There have been many (too many to count), schools, trainings, mini deployment for 1 month or two that I'm not counting. This will be his second full tour in Afganistan. He's had three in Iraq and one in Bosnia years ago. At this point he had not even been home a year. I don't really know what to say about it except I think both myself and my sons are both just tired of it. Use to be when you heard of a deployment you were devastated, but now we just shake our heads and say "where"? and "how long"? I'm not going to express my views on the war, just want to say that military families are tired and when it has become "the norm" to say goodbye for a year again, that is not a good thing. People always ask me how I do it and truthfully I don't know, you just do. But, there are so many of us that "just do" we have each other to commisserate with.
Good news is that hubby just found out he will be promoted. He has (or we have)22 years in the Army and will be promoted to COL. I say this not to boast but just because I am so proud of him and basically our whole family. It hasn't always been easy, alot of separations, worries, stress, it's nice to see him recognized for all his hard work. I'm so very happy for him.
So, I hope to be better about updating. We have so many neat things in store for projects and Mom and I are great company to one another, we keep each other so busy. Hopefully this year will go by fast. (I still would like those extra hours though to get some work done.)

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