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Sunday, September 18, 2016

On the road again.......

Last weekend we were in Danville, In with the Woolkeepers Rug Hookers.  After a quick week home, with some adjusting of goods in the trailers it was time to hit the road again.....

We were on our way to Wyalusing, PA to join the Old Barn Rug Hooking guild.  This was a small and intimate hook-in and Mom and I had a chance to talk to lots of people and the other vendors.  The pace was nice and the ladies were too!  We saw lots of beautiful rugs which I'll show later in the week. 

We have a new booth display as you will see below.  I actually came up with the design of our booth specifically for our week at Sauder village.  I wanted to bring our shop to you, so to speak.  So, last winter I drew my idea out for hubby fully expecting him to say, "no, it can't be done", but to my surprise, he didn't. So, this summer my new booth design came to life.  It has the rustic feel of my shop and I am able to feature certain rugs and have the patterns and kits displayed right below them.  The problem we were running into was that we were losing so much space under the tables, so I decided not to use any tables at all.  Our booth is made up of several different sized bookcases that are made of pine so they are very light.  When traveling we can put the crates of wool in the bookcases so everything fits in the trailer like a puzzle.  The lattice pieces that we display the rugs on lock right into the back of the bookcases.  I'm very proud of this booth set up but hubby tells me he has another idea for our next one.  It's usually me that's gets bored easily.  Maybe some of my "scattered" brain has rubbed off on him.  

So, now we are back home where we can settle back into a normal routine for another month until our next hook-in in Kimberton, PA.  I say normal but not really, because we are in the process of moving production into the house next door.  All woolens will be washed and dyed as well as all pattern drawing, serging, and pretty much everything else will be "made" next door.  It will feel good to spread out!!

And, now that I am home, my mind is racing all over with new design ideas.  Here's a little teaser of things to come.....what a wise guy huh?  But honestly, sometimes this is how things start for me. 

Bo and Hobbes are unimpressed!

So, keep watching as I hope to release a few new designs in the coming month while we have some much needed time at home.  
Until next time.....


Jacqueline said...

Love the new booth set up.

moosecraft said...

Awesome both! Looking forward to seeing you guys in Kimberton! I hope you'll be bringing some of those long striped Christmas stocking kits! 'tis the season! ;-)

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

I want that witch can I purchase?
It is all too wonderful...great job.
Peace to all and enjoy the day,

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