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Monday, April 18, 2016

Much needed Spring time!

 Spring is definitely in the air here in upstate NY.  And it couldn't have come at a better time.  It's odd though because I didn't realize how much I needed it until yesterday.  We had virtually no winter.  Of  course it was cold, it's always cold here, it's a fact of life, but I don't think we had many -0 days, even nights and the snow was nearly non-existent.  So, call me crazy, but I felt a little jipped!!  It's strange, where was the snow?  I felt like I didn't have my full amount of Winter "couch" time.  I had so many projects I needed to get done before being called outside to the yard work.  It's always more with me though, just one more design to get done, just a few more patterns drawn before I call it quits...always pushing myself.  I am my own worst enemy in this respect.  So lately I had been starting to feel stressed.....I didn't know why.  Last week was a culmination, I did not have a good week.  It was just one of those weeks where as a business owner you want to pull your hair out.  I'm not going to divulge more because, well, I'm over it, but added to my unsatisfactory week was.....ugh, the dreaded tax surprise!!  So, I have been out of sorts....downright grumpy!!!   I know it, I recognize it, and I also know how to get myself out of it!!  I'm  a classic introvert and I know I need those moments of quiet to just "be".  So, as I walked outside yesterday to survey the yard and start devising a plan I took my camera with me......

Shop entrance......stark and waiting for "dressing up".

An empty porch....waiting for "summer life".

Garden beds waiting for tomatoes and herbs!

Flower beds with their winter coats waiting to be uncovered...

As I get older I find that I have become more introspective.  I realized that the yard....after winter is much like me.  It's time to shake off that winter coat and breath in the fresh air.  I've said it before that Spring is like Mother natures "rebirth", and I love seeing things come to life again, especially here in the North Country where the winters can be so harsh.  
As I walked around the yard and heard the birds chirping and flying around with their collections for nest making I could feel myself also coming back to life.  I raked all the old leaves and debris from the garden beds.  With each layer of leaves and debris I could see the growth of new flowers starting to peek up.  With each layer I also started to feel better.  
As the sun shone down you could almost see the buds emerging from the branches.
So, Hubby, Mom and I dug in and started raking, pulling weeds, hauling mulch and before I knew it the largest flower bed looked like a new person.....and so did I.

It's so gratifying to see the garden beds all neat and tidy and waiting for the new life that will come forth from them.  Part of my grumpiness lately is from my sense of disorganization in my life so to see this little bit of progress really lifted my spirits.  
The day was still early, but I was tired.  I knew I wanted to do some hooking but also knew I didn't want to go back inside and away from the sun so I joined hubby for some fishing along the river bank as it is too early for the boat.  So, with hook in hand my day of renewal continued with some hooking outside.  

What started out as a "ugh, let's go out and see what needs to be done in the yard" became a great day of therapy and was just what I needed.  Though I felt that was not ready for my winter couch time to end I didn't realize just how much I needed it to end indeed.  I'm back to that "rebirth"....I think that's why I love the seasons so's always a chance for you to re-energize and move on to something else".  So, with a new outlook I am back to work this Monday morning with a new attitude.  
My morning started with a 3 mile walk on the trail on Fort Drum then it was back home and as I pulled up the driveway I saw my favorite view.....

The we call it.  I love to see the sun rising in the morning up over the knoll and the silo.  It was definitely a much needed weekend for me.  I hope you all had such a weekend.  
Until next time......


Patti Hamilton said...

You are so spot on about the change in seasons! The past few years we spend a few winter months in Florida. This year I totally have had it with Florida and I actually missed our Buffalo NY winters! I am actually skipping Florida next winter because I miss that down time where you stay indoors, relax, huddle by the wood stove, bake and sew! When spring comes it is everything you described!
By going to Florida I never get that down's crazy, I know and I have been critized for feeling that way. Most of my family thinks I'm crazy and tells me there are soooo many people who would think wintering in Florida is a dream come true. Florida is just not me.....a week or two vacation but not the whole winter! That's just me I guess.....

Julie Thomas said...

Yup, I completely get you! I think that down time in front of the fire is my salvation, just as is Spring! Let's face it you are a New York gal through and through! Thanks for writing!!

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