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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Porch is coming to life!

I absolutely love this time of year......Flower time!!!  Now, I am NOT a green thumb, but I can do a fine job of buying them and watching Mom plant them.  Hey, before you say anything, flowers are her second favorite thing next to wool and I'm never idle while she's planting.
  We have an amazing nursery right down the road and yesterday (her birthday) we went to lunch and loaded the car with flowers for the various pots, carts, and windowboxes around the house.  While Mom arranged the flowers I retrieved the window boxes for her, painted a chair for the porch and dry brushed some sap buckets.....

...a nice selection to start with....

...I got this neat piece.........I can't remember where I got it...(angus hill?)  and knew just what I wanted to do with it...

Yup, that's it!!

A friend/customer, Martha called me the other day to tell me about an old washtub she had seen at a local nursery.  It was marked $185, but the man said he'd take $25.  Um......ok?  So, we hopped in the truck and went down and got it.  We were going to fill it with flowers but then at the last minute decided it would look better in the shop filled with wool, so stay tuned for that picture later....
$ way......$25....sure!
I wanted to do the porch differently when we came back and although there is not a lot different you can do with it I did know that I wanted to involve old sap buckets.  I got 3 yesterday .......

did a quick dry brush job on them., slapped some hangers on them.....

 Mom did her magic and voila!!  I just love them!

So pretty!!

So, slowly but surely the porch is coming to life!

A quick paint job for this cute little chair for the porch..

Ahhh, lilies of the valley.  Wow, how they've filled in..
 ...and more progress on the shop.  I got the paint today.  As soon as the electrical inspector comes we can start the floor, ceiling and walls, the easy stuff!!  Can't wait!!

In the meantime, we are really all over the place with creating new things.  I have been experimenting with some dyeing in between feeling poorly.  I find that until my "problem" is resolved my energy level is not what it should be so am not getting as much done.   With that said, as I look at these next few pictures, I guess we are not doing too badly.  
Dyed t-shirts, I have some more experimenting to do then will unveil them....

Oh velvet.  Here's some experimenting with velvet that was VERY good.  Watch for some soon on 

More tie dye experiments!

Hook n' wool sunflower coming soon!

SUMMER (beehives and daisies) for punch.
Pattern or kit can be purchased at  in our punch needle section

Weathervane series "Rooster".  What a lovely border!!!  Pattern/kit available at

And never ones to shy away from a good antiquing trip, Mom and I headed down to Angus Hill a couple weeks ago and I got this fabulous old rocker....

I do believe Mom's dye kitchen hath runneth over!!

Some great new ribbon for The Old Tattered Flag packaging!

Tuesday Priscilla and Sally came by for a rug hooking class.  Priscilla brought some of her beautiful pieces she has completed.  They are both going to be wonderful hookers!!!

Check back shortly (like later tonight) for my Wool Basket making video.  It is uploading right now as I type this.
Until next time.....


  1. Somebody rescue Mom from the dye kitchen!!!

    1. Lol, sometimes we don't see her for hours!!!

  2. What a fun post, & what a great deal on that washtub! Love how the porch is looking! Can't wait for the t-shirt unveil : )

  3. Oh, my....I do like that sunflower and the summer design!


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