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Sunday, March 23, 2014

I should not be writing right now.  I should be drawing!!  You all seem to love my Weathervanes, suffice it to say I will be drawing eagle, horses, roosters, etc for some time.  I do love them though so it's very gratifying to see that you all do as well.
I told you yesterday that I would share some of the things the ladies brought over on Thursday.  We have, without realizing it, started a show and tell of things they are working on, or have inherited as you can see with Bev below.  Her Mother inherited a Cottage and inside were several projects that had been started.  Bev brought over some wonderful hand painted wool circles (pennies).  She wanted our suggestions on how to finish them.....

I suggested putting them against a solid black background in a staggered  diamond pattern....

Wow!  The black really highlights the wonderful color.  These are great folk art!!

Jill brought over a beautiful quilted piece (sorry Jill, this photo did not capture the correct color).  

 ...and a beautiful cross stitched Christmas runner. (nice photo bomb Lillith)

..and a pin cushion and bag.  Wow, she's a busy gal!
Thanks for sharing Jill!

Lillith (on the right) was our very first student and still joins us for every hooking day!!  She does beautiful work and is full of such excitement when she has a new project.  We love seeing her enthusiasm.  Robin joined her, just to come over and chat!  

So, yesterday, with both boys home, we decided to get out of the house.  We had a quick trip to the mall with dinner out afterwards.  Sometimes just doing the simplest things are nice.  We are not always in the same place anymore, so it's nice to have dinner all together.  I did catch this shot of my boys as Mom and I skipped into BonTon, they decided to wait on the bench!

I'm very happy to say that a trip to the mall was needed for the boys to get some new clothes.  Mike and Josh are both starting new jobs tomorrow.  (YIPEE)  Mike had so much leave accrued that he has not been able to start until now......which means he has been home...........all winter..........with I said......YIPEE!  Seriously though, I'm very excited for him.  I feel like this is the beginning of the second part of our life.  25+ years in the Army has been great for us, but now we are on to a new adventure.  I will say though, it's been a challenge shopping for real more Army green!!

Josh (on the right) graduated last May and has been working part time with a wonderful non-profit organization called Hearts of Hope.  They send hand-painted clay hearts with an inspirational note to people in need of encouragement.  It's a wonderful idea as it brings people together to "pay it forward" by painting the hearts and these beautiful little hearts are sent all over the world to raise people's spirits.  He has really enjoyed working with the organization and hopes to continue part time, but now will be working with the USO full time. Being Mom, I am glad he will be closer to home.  The USO is another great organization and I know Josh will do very well there.  He's a very responsible, caring young man and has a lot to offer.

And my Jeremy (in the middle) is heading back to school for another couple of months.  He is studying criminal justice.  So, life for the Thomas family is finally, after quite some time, entering in to some kind of normal....or is there such a thing?

So, here we are on Sunday, my favorite day of the week.  I like to call it my "puttering" day, although it's usually my catch up day for paperwork and loose ends.  

Mom is catching up on some dyeing.....(I can't get her out of there)

I have been working on my Buttermolds Large design and it's coming along beautifully, but, does need some tweaking.  I've decided that although the colors are beautiful and rich, I want to dull them down a bit.  So, I'm going to finish punching the heart and wheat sheaf, then the borders, then I'm going to spray with walnut crystals.  Then I'll start the background.  I don't want to spray the background....

.....because the background is my hand dyed brown/blacks and I don't want the spray to mess with the variegation in it. (the flash in my camera brightened up the real color)  I hope to have this done by mid week...

So, that's what's happening here.  I hope Spring is making it's way to most of you in the country.  I can see temps in the 40's by the end of the week, which for here is a heat wave.  People will be out in shorts!!  Take some time to enjoy the wonderful spring Season!!

Until next time.....


Myra said...

Lucky are the ladies who get to pop in and fellowship with you and your mom .... great times are had I'm sure! Love the pic of your "boys" on the bench with their cells. All the new patterns are wonderful. Hopefully by June (taking the summer off) I'll have time for some of these projects.

Lady Locust said...

What fun you have:)

Sheila said...

Wonderful blog........I'm new here and also new to the "punch needle" craze! I recently placed an order with you for an awesome hoop, finding out that is extremely important for success and less frustration.
I need to find out how to use walnut crystals as I'd like for my floss to be more muted in color.
Sounds like you have a great family.

Kathy F said...

Stitching friends are the best!!! Just pinned my harvest table runner & stitched the little gold pennies on the tongues this afternoon. I'm happy happy happy with a needle in my hand!!!

theoldtatteredflag said...

A Needle in hand is the best, in fact, I'm heading to my chair right favorite time of day!

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