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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Dye Kitchen is done!!!

Well, it's been a long time between blogs again, but I think you'll see why!!  We've been busy getting Mom's dye kitchen done.  I only have a few more days before Hubby goes back to work so we've been taking full advantage of having him home....and boy have we put him to work.  He did a FANTASTIC job on Mom's dye kitchen.
As you know, we live in an old stone home that was built around 1830.  In the back of the house was a very "scary" room.  We had converted the front part of it into a mudroom when we first moved in 8 years ago, but as we made our way back into the house I wanted to tear the wall down that we had put up and make the whole room the dye kitchen...

Here's the "scary" room after we tore the wall down that we had previously put up...
...and here is after!!  We layed flooring down, framed the walls and put up a very neutral paneling.  We knew we would be bringing in a LOT of color with the wool so we needed to have the walls be almost sterile!  We ran gas lines in for a gas stove for Mom to dye on.  It's very efficient.
**The big red cupboard was in this room when we moved in, isn't it gorgeous??  We figure it was built right in the room**
Right side of the room before....

...and after!!  We ran plumbing so that Mom could do everything right in this room.  
...She can wash and dry the wool after dyeing it.  Oh and by the way, all the wool you purchase from comes washed and ready to use, even the "as is", unless wool is requested uncut then it comes right off the bolt.
I digress....the big utility sink is great for pre-soaking the wool!
Front of the Dye Kitchen, this is the part we had previously redone, but it did need some tweeking....

...and after, from a slightly different angle..
I asked Hubby to build Mom a cutting table but we had this table stored up in the barn that was just the right size...

We have very big doors in the house and while they are not very energy efficient, I won't get rid of them, but they are all in bad need of a revamp, so we started by painting a coat of charcoal black......
...then a coat of barn red.  We wanted to pull the red from the antique cupboard.  

...bolts of wool in their new home!!

Mom loves her new dye kitchen.  She has her little ihome stereo in there with her playing her "as I call twang" music and I can be in the office right next door...'s my view of the dye kitchen from my office.....and I can't hear her music....:) 

Baxter doesn't know what all the fuss is about, but he did manage to squeeze himself into Ollie's bed while we were renovating...

Here's a neat piece I got at an auction a couple weeks ago.  It was an old saw table and it was outside on the porch of the auction hall.  I knew immediately what I wanted to use it for....

Saw table with all it's "guts".  I knew the parts could be easily removed....
...and sure enough, with a few sprays of WD40 all the parts came right off....

and, the after piece. What a neat accent table!!...oh, and I got it for $5

.....keep watching, with the opening of the Dye Kitchen Mom and I have been in overdrive creating lots of new things.  Visit to see our website..Coming March 1 see the Wool of the Month above....

So, as I sit here and write this we are getting about 9 inches of snow.  Enough is enough already!!  I just really don't go outside anymore unless absolutely necessary.  And to top it off a cold has made it's way through all of us in the house.  I am in the final days of it, but don't go anywhere without my trusty concoction of OJ and ginger ale and my box O' kleenex, in fact, this is right next to my desk right now!!

Baxter says "February.......Go Away, I want spring!!"

Come back tomorrow for the after pictures of my office.
Until next time....


  1. Love the room and your accessories make it so homey and cute

  2. You must have one happy mama. The cupboard is to dye for .. hee hee .. and that saw converted table ... ugh ... I'm so jealous!!! Can't wait for tomorrow.

  3. What a wonderful room. Just LOVE that cupboard.
    Sweet furbaby pics. Baxter in Ollie's bed is a hoot.
    Hugs :)

  4. Thanks Ladies, I know the cupboard is to "dye" for!! When we moved in my husband thought it was a piece of junk. I quickly educated him to how much it would be worth in the Antique world. I did clean it up quite a bit but if you notice there is a residue outline of an old cast iron pan on it. I like to imagine that the room might have been used as a summer kitchen a long time ago. Oh the history in this house.

    The saw table was a definite SCORE. There really is no better feeling to get a piece that everyone else looks at you like "she's crazy, just what the hell is she going to do with that". I LOVE it!!

  5. Really enjoyed the transformation, it looks fabulous now.. Looking forward to specials too.

  6. Absolutely perfect dye kitchen! Love everything about it... especially the cupboard... great idea to match those doors to it! Great re-do on the saw table... now you'll have all of your blog readers out searching for one when the weather gets better... lol! Happy days! :-)

  7. Morning, oh love the room and that cupboard is a beauty, Blessings Francine.


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