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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Energy.....

It's funny how every year at this time we have a "rebirth".  After the holidays I always have this burning desire to organize everything, clean, eat better, feel better.  Of course with the move we are still organizing our "stuff", but add to it now I had to get the Christmas "stuff" put away.  The attic looked like a bomb went off, so, last weekend when Mike and the boys headed down to Mass.  to visit his mother I dove in.  I tore all the Christmas stuff down (late this year, I usually have it down on the 2nd) and got it all boxed up....

I hate the mess it makes when you take the Christmas stuff down, then you have to remember what you had hanging where.  Plus there's dusting.  Somehow we always forget that dust can gather under those pine boughs.....

I decided to keep this guy out year round.  He is one of my Sister's Santas and was a gift this year.  He's going to stay in my office.

I always have the urge to redecorate after I tear the Christmas stuff down (not to mention that I can't remember what was where).  I put my pin cushions on the side table next to my favorite Lemongrass candle.....

....and with the new year comes all kinds of ideas for new designs.  I love this latest Pottery Barn catalog and their highlight of INDIGO BLUE.  Gives me some ideas!!

Speaking of ideas, here's a painting on an old Chair seat I did about 8 years ago.  I think I gave it to my Sister.  It will be one of my new designs coming very soon.....

No where in this years Almanac is there any mention of a Polar Vortex!!  I think it's secretly Mother Natures way of saying "welcome back to the North Country" and flipping us the bird. My spirits are still good though as we have been spared the 80 inches of snow that has fallen 20 minutes south of us....

So, yesterday morning we had 40 mph winds and snow was blowing, it was 0 before the wind chill and roads were closed.  But.......I had orders to get out......... later in the day I braved the roads to deliver my goods...and here's what was waiting for me when I got home!!

Mom just came into my office with this blooming Hyacinth attached to her nose chanting "I smell Spring".  I think secretly that she was delusional, but I agreed, "yea, sure"....

 A couple of short weeks ago this corner was filled with candies and Christmas cookies, now look what is here.  We are trying!!!

....and last but not least, here is another new design.  My Sister did a version of this years ago on a larger scale and it has been locked away in a tiny vault in my brain for years.  So, with her permission I made it smaller and drew it up for Mom for Christmas.  Just beautiful!!  It is 18 x 18 and is on the website, .  Here's the link:

As soon as I'm done punching The Winter Star I will get started on this for punch....

I hope you are all staying warm and cozy and working on your favorite projects!

Until next time.....


  1. Hurry and get the star done .... I'll be ready for golden bird to punch .... love it!!!

    1. I wish I could sit and punch all day, but there are two many other things I like to do and Have to do!! I hope to have it done in two or three more nights, then I can start the Redware bird......Thanks Myra!

  2. Hello, I also like to change things up a bit after the Holidays.......Love the Golden bird pattern, your home is so cozy, Francine.

  3. Love the designs, Julie...and your house looks like mine did a week ago. I hate taking Christmas stuff down! It takes me forever and then, like you said the reorganizing.....UGH! Does your sister still dye wool? I used to buy it from her years ago on ebay. It was always the best texture and the best colors. Your mom is something, isn't she? How fortunate that you have a kindred spirit with you!! You are both a bundle of never ending energy! Be safe and stay warm!. It just hit 15 degrees after two days of -12 and -15 here in Michigan....the coldest I can remember! Bobbie

    1. Hi Bobbie,
      My Sister only dyes for herself now, she has committed herself full time to her Santa's. Have you visited our woolens page at My Mother uses a lot of my Sister's formulas and our wool is soooo fluffy! Thanks for writing and stay warm!!



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