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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sale is over......we are tired....., a thank you giveaway and nature sucks!!

Hi Everyone....First, let me tell you all.......Baxter is fine!  I had a feeling that a lot of you love him like I do, but really, I never knew just how much of a celebrity he was.  I have received comments here and on facebook and emails inquiring about his condition.  The first day was so scary.  I'm so glad we made the 100 mile trip to Springfield.  They tell me he would have lived, but then with all the swelling by his neck, they couldn't be sure.  So, he is still on pain medicine and antibiotics.  But, by the next morning, he was almost back to his old self.  This is when this picture was taken.  All he wanted was his bone..........I would have given him three.  You can see where the snake bit him under his left eye, it's still quite swollen and hard.  I think it will be a battle scar for him.  

So, before I get to why nature sucks I'll show you some good.  I snapped this picture of the lettuce Mom grew in a container.  Nothing better than a BLT in the summer.  

....and Saturday afternoon we had to run up to Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks to go to Joanns for some fabric (really we did!)  I really love the water..

.....and just beautiful! A sunflower in our yard....

Now, comes the nature sucks part!!  Remember that gorgeous lettuce I showed you up above.  Well, I had picked that.  Later I found out that our friendly black snake is still around, right where I picked it, and he's not so friendly.  He is a Water moccasin.  Baxter was bitten by a copperhead.  A Water moccasin would have killed him.  So, joy, two snakes right in the near area!!!!!

Then, Mom let Ollie out yesterday and he went right to something in the yard.  Mom quickly ran over because we are on edge about snakes.  Well, it wasn't a snake, it was a Baby Bunny, and folks if you are squeamish, don't read this next part.......................a hawk had ripped his head off.  

Now, we love nature, really we do, Bambi, Flowers, picnics, but really, a dead baby bunny and snakes all in one week??  To top it off, I'm not sure if you've seen the news today, but they showed a segment on Waynesville, Rolla and I-44.  There was severe flash flooding and the interstate was closed.  That's us, right here!!!  Hubby couldn't go to work, it's been a long day for all.  Here are some pictures of our yard and this is tame compared to other damage...

There is usually a trickle of water in this and this morning, this was about 8 feet higher almost reaching the little bridge we cross to get to our house.

....again, normally a trickle.....

awwww, what a nice little creek, well, this wasn't here yesterday!

To our immediate left as we turn out our driveway you can see that the road washed out this morning.  They didn't close it, simply put up a gate closing one side.  I'm not sure I would have driven over it.  Thankfully we make a right coming out of our driveway...

This was a pond this morning so says my husband!

So, with all that said, all I could worry about was getting to the post office to mail my packages because thanks to the Sale we have been swamped with orders.  If you are waiting for an order from us, I apologize, we were off a couple of days.  I think the snake bite and flash flooding explains a little bit.  The interstate was closed, but they did allow me to go on it because I did not have to travel on the unsafe part.  So, rest assured, the packages are in the mail.  And, by the way, thank you to everyone who ordered!!  
To thank those who ordered we are going to have a special giveaway for one lucky winner.  We will be giving away Mom's Sunflower purse.  I will announce the winner tomorrow!

....and now that the sale is over, you can see below that Mom has some empty shelves to fill.  She has been dyeing like crazy.  I also have a few new designs just waiting to hit the fabric so keep watching.  

Fill those shelves with that hand dyed wool Mom!
Thanks again for the well wishes for Baxter and all the orders.  It really humbles me to know that so many of you are working on one of my designs.  I love to imagine them hanging in cozy homes!!  

Until next time.......


Anonymous said...

Ya I'm so happy Baxter is feeling better. Give him a big hug for me. Got my package and LOVE everything. Hugs to Ollie and Max too. Here is hoping for a great week.

Fiesta said...

I hope your week gets better. I can imagine your stress.

Raymond Homestead said...

YAY, So glad Baxter is doing good!

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