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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tour of Folk Art at The Shelburne Museum

During our time in NY, we took the ferry over to Vermont to visit the Shelburne Museum.  I hadn't been since I was a child.  My sister had told me about all the great Folk Art there so I grabbed my camera!!  I have this sickness in that I see a hooked rug design in everything.  Just ask Kitty about her coffee owl post.....  It was a beautiful day in Vermont and all the lilacs were in full bloom.  

I'll take one of each please.....

"Just once for the drinks??" what does that mean?  Cocktails anyone?

What is wrong with us?  What a bunch of hams!!
I mean's fake food!!!


I've seen this amazing piece of folk art in other designers rugs.  It is just gorgeous.  I may have to do something with it as well in my own interpretation....
Mom and a friend!

Carpetbags......on display in an old general store...

Cabinet full of old sewing notions...

The famous Round Red Barn.  You may recognize this from Warren Kimble's folk art.  

A replica of the home of Elektra Havemeyer Webb.   

Hooked rug stair runner.  Amazing!!

Elektra Havemeyer Webb bought and donated several "items" to the museum.  The ticonderoga was a ship that sailed on Lake Champlain in the 1800's.  What an amazing feat it was to transport it to the grounds..Apparently she bought a lot of "stuff".  She was hesitant to tell her father about this purchase, but when she finally did he simply said, "well it's better than a lot of that other crap you buy", or something to that I recall....

Sunset from the Ferry heading back to NY.
Come back tomorrow to see some of Patty Yoder's Hooked rugs.  She was an amazing rug hooker from Vermont.

Until next time.....

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