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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stars and Flowers progress, a salamander, some hail....oh my!

What a strange week weather wise.  The beginning of the week was great with temps in the 80's.  I think the high today is 49.  Ugh!
We've been tying up loose ends this week.  I have been taking pictures all day and writing down measurements and re-sizing the photos of all my finished goodies to put on the website,  I hope to get them all uploaded tomorrow.  As you can see below, we also got some beautiful wools in today so those will also be added.  Mom is still plugging away on the Stars and Flowers quilt rug.  See her progress below.
Here's a few other random pictures I snapped ....


80's one day......
....49 the next.  That is hail pellets...

I was walking out to the studio and it started hailing.  I'm not sure if you've ever been hit by a hail pellet, but it hurts!!
Visit my sister's blog to see what she's up to.  Isn't this guy so folky and primitive??  Click on the link below:
Folk For All Seasons Blog

Is there something on me?
Hey, something is on my couch!!  (wool, wonderful wool, about to go in the wash)

Block #2 is done.  The more I see this the more I think that even though it's a huuuuggge rug, it will be fun to hook as each block is like hooking a new rug.  The colors are just so pretty that it's almost painful........does that make sense??

....a long way to go, but oh my, how pretty!!

A sure sign of spring...I'm ok with salamanders but if this had been a snake it would not have been good!  This little guy ended up in Ollie's mouth!

The Whole Gang!

 Until next time.....

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moosecraft said...

Stars & Flowers is hooking up beautifully! Absolutely gorgeous!

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