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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lots of pictures and a bold statement defining us as Americans!

I'm not one to really get on my soapbox politically or shove my opinions about gun control or anything for that matter down anyone's throat.  I believe that everyone has their right to their opinion.  My husband, mother and I do have the best discussions at the dinner table though about the state of our country.  In regards to this past week in Boston, it's been heart breaking to watch.  My husband is from a town about 1/2 hour away from Boston, so of course he wanted to be there personally to help with the manhunt.  I could not believe as I watched my favorite city Boston (I'm originally from Vermont, but have always loved the visit) and the horror that they were going through.  All I can say is this: terrorists will never win in America!!  When your 72 year old Mother says to you, "when we are back in the Northeast next year, let's go to the Boston Marathon to cheer on the runners", that wraps it all up.  We Americans are resilient and defiant.  You may knock us down for a bit, but we will get back up and we will be stronger!!  

So, with that said, I have snapped a lot of pictures over the past few enjoy!

I'm going to keep showing these great guys made by my sister until she puts them in her Etsy store.  They are fabulous and HIGHLY collectible.  To see her other great items in her Etsy store, click below:
Etsy ~ Folk For All Seasons

Mom and I have been weeding like crazy and it seems that in the immediate courtyard area we have it under control.  We do need some more mulch though....

Mom has started the 4th in my Gameboard series ~ Chinese Checkers....

Look at all those little marble holes!! She says there are 144, I didn't count, I believe her!


...more pretty!!

aaahhh....not pretty!! What a couple of fools.  Baxter loves to go for a ride on the ATV!

I love cooking with herbs!!


Bad flooding near Waynesville, MO.

So, my husband was up in the shed getting our summer clothes and tells me that he came across a snake skin and some dead mice, then asked if I could go up and help!

Pretty tree in the yard!

Purple basil!!

This butter is the Texas Roadhouse sweet butter recipe.  On warm yeast rolls it is the best!!  Who am I kidding, it's great on anything!!

Yesterday, hubby and I had to bring the boat up to Osage Beach to be repaired.  We had a nice drive and did a bit of shopping.  I did discover one thing though.  We were buying him a couple of suits for his soon to be retirement (next job) and we both discovered that there is some thought that goes into matching suits, shirts and ties.  Hey, he's been wearing Army green for nearly 26 years!! This retirement thing will be a whole new world for us...
 This sign is in Waynesville, MO
Waynesville again...

Progress on the hooked version of "Stars and Flowers"

I have started cutting out the Wool Applique version and decided to use very different colors from what my mother is using.  The background fabric is more brownish, a dirty, grungy look, than it is showing in the photo...but I do love those blues!!!!

This little guy scared the crap out of me today....I don't know when I became so squimish!  I call him Titus, the turtle!!

I have uploaded my "Vintage Golfer" pattern to the website,  This particular rug was given to my brother by Mom.  Click below to go to the sales page:
Vintage Golfer Rug Hooking Pattern
That's it for now, I'll keep posting with progress on those "Stars and Flowers"...
Until next time....

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Anonymous said...

Your pretty tree in the yard I believe is a red bud. My favorite early spring bloomer.

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