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Friday, March 29, 2013

...............a couple more things for today!

I know I already wrote this morning about the giveaway, but I'm sitting here right now, with the door to the studio open, listening to the peepers, while Mom is putting some kits together, and I'm putting off going in to make dinner so I thought I'd write again.  I just had to show you some things....

In case you didn't get my newsletter, here is a new design at  "Here Kitty, Kitty"  is 18 x 45 and I designed it back in 2006 based on a stray we took in.

"Gary's Garden" is named for my Dad. Sentimental to us, I designed it 3 years ago and what use to make me sad, now makes me happy......fond memories of our good times in upstate NY and my Dad!  Mom only got it partially hooked before running out of the background.  She's going to have to pull it all out and start over again as we cannot get the wool anymore.

This is why I really wanted to write......Nancy came by today for some more wool and I love to show you the progress on her quilt block rug.  Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

.....and another one of Nancy's rugs.  I'm speechless, I love this guy!!! Look how she did the tail.  She couldn't remember the designers name.  If anyone knows please tell me as credit should be given!!  Nancy's a great hooker!
I just got a big box of floss in for my punch needle patterns which I will now be offering as kits.  If anyone has any questions about these, before I get a chance to get them on, let me I will be overdyeing some of them where needed in my patterns.  It is Sullivan's thread and I prefer it as it doesn't have the sheen on it and does not tangle easily.  8.7 yds. per skein  .40 per skein
One more close up of Nancy's quilt rug.  She's using a mix of our Maple Sugar and Butter Wools in the background and the border is our Fall Blanket Stripes wool.


Theresa brought by some embroidered quilt blocks she's working on.....very cute!!  

Just a little corner in the studio where I put one of my faux tin signs that will soon be available on

Everyone have a great weekend!!
Until next time......


Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor mom! That's a lot of reverse hooking:(
Nancy's quilt rug is wonderful!!!
Happy Easter ;)

moosecraft said...

Love that Gary's Garden design! My Dad had made a circle shaped garden in his backyard... so this is reminding me of him! I'll soon be ordering one of these patterns to hook up. Just finished Antique Coverlet last night. The quilt squares rug and squirrel mat are gorgeous! I'm going to give Sullivan's floss a try... I keep hearing good things about it.
In my humble opinion... I would leave that background in Gary's Garden and finish with a similar. That way the rug will keep it's story...
Happy Easter to everyone at The Old Tattered Flag! :-)

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