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Friday, February 15, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that.....

I really can't believe it's Friday again.  Where do the weeks go??  It's been............hectic here.  I've been yearning to get organized for a very long time and when we moved here to Missouri we knew we weren't going to be here long, so I told myself I was going to get all my pattern books, files, website, everything organized.  I have only now started doing it, in between designing, painting, punching, drawing, etc.  It's daunting!!!  We like to have an up to date book here in the studio of all our designs for ladies to look at should we be out of a pattern when they come in.  Well that book is severely outdated.  I find that all I want to do is keep designing.  I've got so many ideas in this brain that are just crying to get out, but unfortunately the boring stuff, like bookkeeping and paperwork must take center stage right now.  

I don't normally like to take about the personal stuff too much but lately it seems like the Thomas family is a bit "off track".  Do you ever feel like that??  When we left NY and our boys (in college), I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn't know how hard.  Our oldest is a senior in college and our youngest, a freshman.  He started college last fall in Boston, but hated it and so moved to a college in upstate NY.  To put things lightly, he has not had an easy time.  I alluded to it last week on facebook.  Suffice it to say that the same week he got to the new school (where by the way his girlfriend was), she dumped him.  I feel so bad for him.  He has not had an easy time at college and was really looking forward to the change, to the familiarity of New York (home, even though Mom and Dad are no longer there) and being around familiar faces.  So, right now he is "rebuilding".  After a few rough weeks I am just now starting to hear a lift in his voice.  He is really trying hard to start fresh with new friends.  Ugh, being the parent of older children is HARD!!  Plus, we are so far away that we can't be there for them, when you want to drive up and just hug them.  Anyway, add to that that I really have not acclimated well to Missouri.  My heart is still in the Northeast, so with that my husband has made the decision that it might be time to move on from the Army.  This is very big step because although life in the Army has been rough, especially the past 12 or so years with multiple deployments, it also provides a "security blanket".  It's a scary thing, has been our comfort zone for 26 years, but one that we are both looking forward to.  Normal there such a thing......??  Is it strange that my older son and husband will both be looking for employment at the same time??  Will I survive this??

So, anyway, back to business, I snapped a few pictures below.  Hope you enjoy them.  We are hooking and punching as fast as we can to get things out for you.  I hope to have some more things to show you in the next couple of days.  
Until next time......

A smattering of rugs......

The first two game boards, see how the colors coordinate?? I just love them!!

"The Patriot" all done.  We hemmed and hawwed over the right border and finally gave in and decide he was spectacular enough all by himself.  He is 15 x 16 inches and will be available soon on the website in pattern and kit form....

My next big project....a wall quilt with beautiful cottons and wools!!!  It's going to be beautiful!!!

Hubby did good!!!  Am I the only woman who says "no flowers"??  I prefer chocolate and he sure came through!!


  1. LOVE that proud rooster! I can almost hear him singing! :-) Hubby did great! Gertrude hawk is yummy stuff! We have a Gertrude store about 2 miles from my house... t-rouble!!!! Sounds to me like you are making all the right decisions... it's going to be tough and scary... but, anything worth having is worth fighting for... I'll be rooting for ya'!

  2. How could I get the pattern for the cotton tail carrot co? Cost & details please.


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