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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lots of new things.....

There is a lot to show you today, we've been very busy!! Yesterday I finished the hooked Crow purse.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I decided to just hook the front and use a beautiful "tapestry" like fabric I had for the back.  I did my favorite "twisted wool" edge to hide the seams and the strap is a long piece of linen stripe wool.  This will hang at the hip.  The pattern and kit are both available right now in our "Rug Hooking" section.

Hooked Crow purse
Hooked Crow Purse ~ Back

We've been wanting to give you more options for our hand dyed wools and are happy to say we've finally got it.  Most of our lighter hand dyeds will now be available with options for your fabric.  If you want an interesting background mix 2 or 3 different wools of the same color.  See below how the same color, our bronze gold, was used but over 4 different wools; a solid, a texture, a check/plaid, and a stripe.  These are gorgeous and it gives you more choices!! 

Fabric options ~ you can now choose which wool you would like your hand dyed wools on.  Ex. solid, texture, check/plaid, or stripe.  This is a great way to give your rugs depth, mix the wools for a great look.

Mom comes down from her room every morning and says "Wow, that homestead rug is big!!"  I think she expected to have it done in her normal 3-4 days.  It is a large design but oh so fabulous.  She has chosen to do the background with our new Dark Cornfield.  We have had cornfield for quite some time, but she decided to double the batch for a grungier look.  If you look back at my older blogs you can see that she used the light cornfield in the background of the Family Tree rug, with the dark cornfield on the outer border.  What a great primitive look!

"The Homestead" in progress......beautiful!!

I Love, love, love this!!!  I wanted to do my own purse pattern so of course it had to be done with my favorite symbol.  

"Our Flag" available as a pattern or kit!

"Our Flag" ~ close up edging

Mom's been very busy dyeing!!!  See all our great new wools. 

"Marbles" available at as well as 25 other new wools

I have to tell you that the "Hell's Joke" workout beat me.  I could do it as the soreness wore off, but a couple years ago I had to have injections in my knees as I was told I had arthritis.  Well, apparently the workout is not good for the knees, so I had to stop.  But, I am continuing with my 30 minutes on the elyptical, everyday.  I found this great idea on pinterest and gave it a try.  Mix together a can of fruity diet soda, with some fresh fruit and ice for a 0 Weight Watchers points treat.  It is really good!!  

0 point slush

So, that's it for now.  Watch for our newsletter later today and then our 10% off sale starting Thursday!  All wool and patterns/kits will be on sale.

Until next time......


Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Maybe you can break your workout into a few days' work instead of one day. That's what I had to do as when I started doing lunges and squats I would cry every time I had to pee, lol. And going down steps? Forget about it, lol. Love your new pieces, as usual. :)

theoldtatteredflag said...

Lol!!! Sounds familiar, it was downright comical when I was going up and down stairs!!

moosecraft said...

Oh I liked the Cros Purse punched... but I love it more hooked! Beautiful! Looks like you better get designing more rugs as your Mom is running out! She hooks so nice and so quick too! Thanks for the slushy idea!

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