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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kimmy's Angels

Set of four Seasonal Angels




Mom finished the last angel today so I thought I'd show them all together.  Simple, yet so primitive and pretty!  These are cute little patterns at 11 x 14 inches.  A nice little project to do and great to switch out each season.  All four will be available as patterns or kits tomorrow on 
I thought they'd be nice as pillows as well with perhaps a torn wool edge??  

We are having a pretty quiet weekend.  If we were up in NNY    we'd be stacking the usual 18 face cords of wood right now, but we finally bit the bullet and ordered 1 regular cord for here (we learned that 3 face cords equals 1 regular cord).  We are anticipating a much milder winter here in Missouri than the normal 160 inches of snow we would get up North and not only that but spring actually occurs here in March!! Plus, we have only bought the wood for the fireplace which is really an ambiance thing, although it does make the living room toasty.  I have learned that I love heating with propane as opposed to oil.  Other than that I have hubby connecting a new printer and dvd player in the house so I can stream netflix.  I'm afraid I'm losing the war with technology and have found it's much easier to just have him do it.  

In addition to the four angels, some new designs I'm working on are: Winter Blooms, Wool for Sale, Fraktur Eagle, and Prancer.  The angels will also be available for punch very soon as well as the others.  And, in addition to punching the Antique coverlet right now I am hooking the Fraktur Eagle and stitching Santa 2012 for wool applique.  So, as you can, the creative juices are flowing.  We also hope to have lots of finished goodies up on the website in November as well.  So, keep coming back to check what's new and keep the comments coming, I love to hear from you all.
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